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OK so il start simple, my names nick, and im just another disfunctional 18 year old unsure on where my life path is taking me! Its currently 00:20 and im lieing in bed typing this on my newly recieved laptop that arrived today, saved all summer for this and should make uni that bit easier!

Im not going to lie my english skills are very limited and i have a knack at managing to type exciting things in quite a boring way which is why i very rarely email people. Its so much better to talk, you can put animation into speach whereas only those with talent can do the same with text!

Iv decided this post will simply be "get to know me" post! My job involves watching people for long peroids of time, cleaning and being able to swim! Ye im a lifeguard and i absolutely love it! Theres always something happening and the staff are the best ive ever worked with. Behind my friends this will be the thing i miss most when i go to uni!

Unfortunetely life aint all a bed of roses, recently i was diagnosed with chrons disease. Those unfamiliar with this disease can easily assatain the key features of this disease by a simple googl search. I try not to let it restrict my life but obviously there is only so mcuh alcohol i can handle before i suffer pain which as an 18 year old completely sucks!

Last thing il say is im going to V and leeds fest this year and i absolutely cant wait! Leeds, i am especially looking forwad to as a lot of bands i love are playing this year. V fest seems a lot more radio1 orientated and not being huge fans of either radiohead or morrisey the headliners dont really give it an edge for me whereas pearl jam and muse are currently two of my fave bands!

That will do for now, if anyone has taken the time to read this im sorry its been boring but it is late and i had a tiring fottie match earlier. Hopefully the next entry will be slighlty more interesting!

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