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About a boy

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Ok a little about me.

I'm a 38 year old, been married for 16 years, 2 daughters of 18 and 15 years old,been in electrical engineering for over 20 years, my life is mapped out,that's it! The girls will both have left for uni in a few years, the mortgage will be almost paid, me and "her indoors" can spend our free time taking foreign breaks, learning golf together, buying matching cardigans............or so i thought!!

20 months ago my wife spoke those 3 little words i hadn't heard in such a long long time....."christ i'm pregnant"! Hang on this can't be right i thought, i'm far too old to have more kids, i've done my bit for the human race it's someone else's turn!!!Anyhow after a further 6 months of worry and expense(can't believe how much baby stuff costs these days) my son Jackson arrived.

He's 14 months old now and runs me ragged, now he can walk he finds it so much easier to get to all the places he knows he shouldn't, he also seems to be developing a taste for cat food out of the cats bowl which is slightly worrying although when he looks up and smiles that big smile of his it's hard to get cross with him. Strange that because when i'm in trouble with the wife and try smiling at her she throws shoes and stuff at me :rolleyes:


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