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God I'm Bored

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Which probably means I'm boring. I just watched this.

I don't know what to do with this blog. See I was thinking of just doing a big weekly update about a particular topic, that people could respond to in any way they saw fit, and it'd be all fun. But then I thought 'you've only had 2 comments and f**k all views so no-one is probably even reading this you tit'.

In other news I can play the Feel Good Inc bassline. It's not much of an achievement.

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i read it, does that make me even more boring than you?

(i just learnt rudolph the red nose reindeer on guitar :) , i found the cillit bang and sheilas wheels tabs while looking for it)

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ive been trying to revise for a resit on wednesday, pity the lecturer sets his exam on something you cant find anything on google about (Engineering Control and Instrumentation). Now, I'd say thats pretty boring

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