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and we're off

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The season has started and it was Nantwich Town 3, Glossop North End 1.

We're back in the routine already, with the usual off-field kick off of our keepers top being green, the same colour the home team play in.

This weekend the team play in the opening round of the FA Cup...in August. It's a long way to the final in May, but we could be out before the bank holiday.

North Shields FC are visiting. If any efesters are stuck for something to do on Tuesday night and fancy going to their home game on a spying mission... :ph34r:

edit - forgot to mention. I miss the FA Cup game because I'm heading to the centre of the Efest universe - Nottinghamshire. I expect to see t-shirt lining at various point from Junction 26 all the way to Granby

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