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I spreading myself thin but not losing weight

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What a night. As a Director of a non-league footy club it's my job to sort out player registrations, and it had all been going swimmingly until I couldn't get confirmation my last batch of registrations sent on Saturday had been received - a batch that included our goalkeeper!

Somehow, the man who's job it is to register players had managed to wangle a holiday, starting Monday (and not bothered to tell me!). Great for him, but bad for me given that I'd sent him the forms on saturday and they needed to be signed for. There were our players sat in a post office with no hope of being signed off for two weeks!

I take these things to heart. I feel totally responsible foy anything that goes wrong and this would have been a doosy. I left 5 messages on an ansafone, emailed twice and generally tried to do something about it, until at 11 i gave up and opened a beer. Then I got a phone call - the forms will be dated on the envelope and therefore accepted - f***ing phew!

THe morale is, always open a tin when exasperated.


I love the work I do for the club. My obsession with football combined with a feeling of doing something for the community and writing the match reports rings all my bellls. Unlike my job, which rings none. That's why i do all the extra-curricular stuff, to make up for the dullness from 9-5 where i perform work that feeds and houses the family but that i would give up tomorrow willingly if those bills were paid.

I do the football, and Egigs and love them both, and recently i've agreed to get involved with a club night (see this page) with a friend of mine who runs a label. It's in my hometown and I will be resident DJ. I'm dead excited by it, but concious that Mrs H must be getting a bit exasperated by the time i spend away from the family. My boss at work must also be spotting that more and more time is devoted to non-work activity. I'm going to have to be careful, but the stuff I do outside is what i have the most enthusiasm for. My eyes light up at sport or music. I need to show that for my girls too - not to other people because they see it when i talk about them, but to the girls (and that includes Mrs H) themselves. With that in mind, i should go to bed.

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