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Meeting New People at leeds 2014



Hi Guys I'm Kieran

so this year me and my mate are going to Leeds festival and obviously we are both extremely excited for it. However it is only going to be us there that we know and we were wandering if any1 is interested in meeting at the venue. Look forward to hearing from you


P.S. We are also thinking of setting up a you tube channel dedicated to festival as we have got a lot of festivals planned for next year so if you could leave your views on this too and give ideas on what you would like to see then the channel may come about this year instead of next

Thanks for reading and please leave your comments bellow

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Hey, My name is Kelly (age 20). Im going to Leeds on my own as friends can't afford. I would love to meet some new people so let me know if you wanna meet up at the festival =) I have an early bird ticket so will arrive on wednesday =)

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