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First blog, best live acts at a festival ?



My first blog on my first account needed to be a big one, so I decided on the very opinionated topic of which act performs best at festivals. I referred to my own experience of some bands at festivals and the ones that stood out were seasoned performers like Pearl Jam, Feeder, Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro and The Charlatans. But obviously this is open for discussion. So are experienced performers the best ones ? When I saw Eminem though, he was very disappointing. No doubt there are plenty of other bands I've missed out.

I have been very disappointed with acts who in an enclosed space are great, but the minute they are given an open air stage are not measurable to what they can do. Such as Chase & Status, Tinie Tempah, Enter Shikari and even Jake Bugg, saw him in a concert hall, but at Y-Not i was underwhelmed. But can anyone offer an explanation to why Eminem, regarded a legend in the music business and has honed his craft in live performance was, to me, so disappointing at v-fest ?

Can anyone explain properly how and why some people can perform so well at festivals and offers just can't. I've heard the typical reasons like volume levels etc. But that doesn't explain why some can do it and others can't.


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