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No Festivals booked! Whats Goin' On?



Yes - We had decided we would give Glastonbury a miss this year - but the intention was to do at least a couple of others - not sure how that is going to pan out - we will see - I think my priorities have changed - yes Trudi sort of likes festivals and it has really helped her with dealing with noise and crowds but really she mostly liked them becase she missed a bit of school here and there - plus she is going to be at secondary come September and I dont want her skipping any school there if I can help it - having said that -2013 will be the last chance for her to be "free" at Glastonbury so I think we will have to do that one even if it means going on Friday. By that time she might be well into allsorts of music and begging? - maybe she will have a friend to come too - that would be Great - we shall see - so for now its a holiday to look forward to for us - my Brother moving to Barcelona to run a B & B Boat in the marina - should be nice and then a caravan hol no doubt later in the summer. I fear that maybe well and truly all we can stretch to - still a change is good as a rest - and a rest is good for a change? or something lke that ???

I did go through a bit of a downer since posting last- I am coming up I think ... I hope... its all a matter of state of mind - its amazing what you can tell yourself and believe lol - am I deceiving myself - well in the end of it who cares as long as we are happy! Health is pretty rubbish - but now the cold weather seems to be finally over - im aiming to jump back on and start back up!

Another reason for not camping/ festivaling is we have 2 outfits now in our yard and both are in a sorry state - 1 i dont want to part with for sentimental reasons and the other I hate with a passion - a rapido folding caravan hate HATE H A T E !!- I want another Dandy a light blue one with matching awning -I dont mind it being a 5 berth (like our old one but Darren wants a 6 ! it doesnt really matter as long as its in good nic. Once we sort that out then Im sure the festy fever will take hold again.

Will be strange to watch on TV this year and it will be a 2 year Break but Im thinking 2013 could be AMAzinG after a big gap - maybe we will go without Trudi - No i couldnt do that. Anyway there you go


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