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Football fever

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For many we discover the first experience of Glastonbury was being stuck in long queues in the hot sun for hours at the pedestrian gate entrances with no water some even miss the game.

Even at the campervan fields we took an hour to get in, traffic around the perimeter holding us up.

Once in we had to come to terms with limited mobility because of K's ankle, and plans to explore greenfields had to be shelved.

We watched the England football team's victory on screens in the newly named West Holts bar, once the First Of May, sad to see the name change. I could hear the massive crowd at the main stage, but being in the shade was too much of a bonus.

We signed up to Greenpeace again and found the Cornish Arms selling Tribute. Afterwards there was a chance to sample the foods on offer like the delicious Tapas place in West Holts and the Foam Fish place, and Moorish. And enjoy a beer in the sunshine.

We went to the EFestivals meet at the cider bus sampled Oily Joe's tasty home brew. After a few ciders I was the worst for wear.

We decided to wander back, as the night was gettting cold and saw a few live bands along the way, before slowly ascending the hill of death.

Today, Thursday, the morning has started slightly cooler, giving us a little more sleep, and now it's shaping up to be another sunny day. One, that will see the eFestivals World Cup football match wherean England team take on the rest of the world to raise money for WaterAid. The entertainment starts at 1pm today in front of the Pyramid Stage.

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