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It's not for kids

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So with Friday night ruined (see below and add tantrums), it was Plan B - D:Percussion in Manchester - that was to be the highlight of the weekend. But then Mrs Haggis didn't get back until 11, and then promptly went out to the vets with her mum (and her cat, my m-i-l goes to the doctor when she's poorly, Les Dawson fans).

Eventually, after everyone was fed watered etc, we made it down to Castlefield for about 6pm. This after nearly ten minutes hanging around the car waiting for the free parking to start at 1800 hrs. We left the car at 17:56 - how daring is that!

Getting there late was a big mistake, although it did mean we could immediately see The Pipettes, who were basically the main attraction of the day for me. I was desperate for Haggis Jnr Eldest (9) to see them as i thought she'd like them at lot. But once again it is Haggis Jnr youngest (5) (now fully recovered for anyone who read the blog below) who had the interest sparked, showing again her father's love of tunes. She was on my shoulders for the set, so i can only imagine that she had a captivated face, but 24 hours later she was still wagging her finger and singing 'Your Kisses are Wasted on Me' at her nanna. Cool!

D:Percussion itself looked a great event, although perhaps a little away from my taste. I've never really 'got' standing round a mixing desk cheering a DJ. The sound on the main stage was dreadful too, so people were talking because they couldn't hear then those who were trying to hear couldn't...

We left after less than an hour not because of that though, but because the place was full of afternoon drinkers, just starting to wobble a little. It was very very crowded and not the place for Under 10's at that time. It would have been lovely earlier on though.

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