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Busy weekend ahead!

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Ah happy Beltaine! Usually I'd spend it down the Double Locks in the sunshine, but instead it's going to be hectic! First up we have to prepare the field tonight for one of the highlights of the archery calendar our club hosts the prestigious Grand Day where we play host to archers from the south of the country and further afield. Hundreds of them, which means when I finish work here at eFest towers, I have to rush off and mark out the field as cricketers are using it tomorrow - they'll continue with it until they lose the light - i would be too but Z has a show on tonight a fund raiser for her performance troupe - songs from shows like Hairspray, Fame, We Will Rock You, etc - so I have to dash off to that.

With Saturday taken up trying to sort out 99 year old Gran's broken hearing aid, and then racing back to continue setting up target lines etc, I'll get no chance to try out my new hunter Elite arrows before the competition, can I get in the medals on Sunday? It lasts all day and I'll shoot over 12 dozen arrows - hard work on the back with a 50lb bow.

Monday I'm celebrating my birthday, and Tuesday is a surprise - K is arranging something and we also have to go to Torquay to get the van's roof conversion sorted and a leisure battery, ready for the summer.

Then next week it's getting used to life as a 40 year old. Bizarre if we had 12 fingers would being 48 be a big milestone instead?

Enjoy Beltaine, may light defeat darkness for a summer in the sunshine!

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