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holidays are comin

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Ah only 10 days until we set off on a bit of a trip of a lifetime! It's been 2 years in the planning.

We've got a fish/house sitter so no need to put our aquatic pets in a hotel anymore - and so we're ready for our big adventure.

We'd booked a hotel in Vila, which was the best we could afford until the other day I discovered the Australian equivalent of lastminute.com and we scored a luxury room in THE island resort - Irririki resort - on the island my sister was born on.

Check it out here -> http://www.iririki.com/

We never thought we'd be able to afford to stay there but it's actually £300 cheaper than the hotel we were going to stay on.

We're there for a week - i've contacted the old school my dad worked at, and got my plans of where I want to revisit that i remember from before we left there in 1978. So far we've got a schooner cruise to a turtle sanctuary, big barbecue, scuba dives, melanesian night, kava sessions, windsurfing, sailing, island tour, tribal dancing, cascades (waterfalls), and the visit to my old school, my old house, and my dad's work sorted. At the moment the weather has dropped to a cooler 34 degrees which is nice.

After a week there we fly to Auckland to pick up a motorhome and travel down north island to see the sights - rotarua, gloworm caves, mount doom, giant trees, new zealand rugby home, wellington, hobbiton etc. Then take the motorhome over on the ferry to south island for yule, and new year plus some hardcore sports including zoom jet boats, bungie, glaciers, and possibly a parachute drop.

Then back home in January - looking forward to it loads!

Right, I'm off to see Billy Bragg!

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I've just looked at the weather forecast - wish I hadn't 32mph winds and about 6-11cm of rain a day!

"Why does it always rain on me?"

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