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just when I thought it was over....

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Since about August I've been getting a lovely buzzing noise in my ears and a bit of disorientation - sounds like the results of a good night out? Well I thought it was hearing damage - so went to the doctors. Found out earlier this week that there's no damage to my hearing at all - the noise it seems is not coming from my ears!

So wa-hey back to the brain scan machine for me! And it seems the doctor played down the results of my previous tests!!!

Terrific! On the plus side I do get to see a tinnitus councillor about dealing with the noise 24/7

He said, "Did the specialist tell you that they confirmed your senses were weakened?" To which I replied I never heard anything, it took a part time doctor last time I was in there to tell me my results. He then said, "Well the results confirmed you have a weakened system of nerve responses, but we have no idea what's causing it. Have you tried looking it up on the internet?"

Wish I'd never gone now, K only persuaded me to go as she reckoned my ears might be blocked.

On the plus side, I'm working feverishly to get the eFest calendar finished. Got my Glasto ticket (all 3 of us have)

Oh and it's K's birthday today.

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