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that's another summer gone....

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Well, that's another summer that's been and gone, with just a few more outdoor fests left before the weather gets bad. Except the weather is bad already - in fact did it ever get good? That's two summers on the trot where it's been generally awful.

Hopefully it's all been due to La Niña, which is normally a two-year weather event and started in early 2007, which means that it's likely that next year will be back to a normal British summer (Yes, that means it rains, but also means it doesn't rain like it has been doing this summer and last summer). I was aware of La Niña early last summer, and in May 2007 was saying to friends that summer 2008 wouldn't be good either; sadly it proved to be true.

Despite the generally awful weather, my own festival going this summer hasn't suffered too badly from it. With more resources for eFestivals now, I've personally attended fewer festivals this summer than I have done for a very long time - just seven, and considering how the weather has been in general I did pretty good, without needing to get my wellies out once (tho waterproof walking shoes [not boots] were needed).

I had wanted to go to Bestival, but a family commitment meant that I had to skip it again (a friend got married on Bestival weekend last summer, so I'd missed last year's too). But having heard reports of just how badly it suffered from the weather this year maybe that wasn't such a bad thing after all - while I can cope with a horribly muddy festival I'd rather not have to.

Roll on next summer: things can only get better, and next summer they will be. :(

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FYI the current La Nina/El Nino status is 'neutral' and is forecast to remain so for the next 6 months or so. The time to start keeping an eye on it for any change (towards la nina or el nino conditions) is historically in the spring/early summer.

Not sure how useful any of it is for predicting UK rainfall though. IIRC, 1998 was a rotten wet summer in the uk (glasto!) yet it was a record breaking El Nino year that sent the global temperature stats soaring.

Anyway I've had a great year - roll on next spring!! :)

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Does that mean it will rain at Glasto this year then? :)

In fact that was the last weekend I remember the rain not being a problem....or at least, a weekend i wasn't on eFests :)

To more festivals in 09!! :)

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I had a good summer, 9 festivals and only muddy at 2 (Kendal Calling and Bestival)

Better than last year anyway :)

Well got 4 booked for 2009 already, and if I get my new camera before the summer.. I will be hoping to do some pics for here :)

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