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A hopefully quieter blog for music & festies

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It might work...

Blog number 3. Lets see how this goes. If nothing else, it'll help try and keep track of who we want to see at Glastonbury. Which is going to be tricky considering we're a couple with quite disparate music tastes to start with and he's only coming to Glastonbury to humour me. So. I'm a mid 30's woman with a premier sub to Spotify and a lot of downloaded playlists in my phone. I listen to a lot of music through a very nice pair of headphones that are so shiny I'm too embarrassed to wear them outside of work. I'm shy, crowdphobic, probably slightly aspie and a professional geek. No, I don't know why 137,000 bod festival sounded like a good idea either. I just got sick of not doing stuff cos I was scared I guess. Anyway. I need to go work out what I want to write about here.



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