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A tough time

Well it's been a tough 2 months in the hedge household. The father in law, after overoming Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma through months of chemo and a bone marrow transplant six years ago, found out he had liver cancer in early November. A week later it was diagnosed as large bowel cancer that had developed to his liver He then started to go downhill very quickly hanging on until xmas day so he could see his Grandson - my son - open his xmas present (new bike) before he was admitted later that afternooon. We lost him in the early hours on New Years Eve and to be honest we were all glad the suffering had ended. To see someone go downhill so quickly was heartbreaking. He kept his sense of humour to the end and over the last 2 months he has been an inspiration to me. We are all still very positive and although life will be difficult we have all the memories to carry us through



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