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LOOKING FOR SMALL STALL'S! It's a small, family friendly festival. We are student's doing a creative and media diploma course and need stall's to take part. It will be in January 2012 and it will be a small fee. For more detail

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Festival Stalls

Hey guy's, just a quick blog. I am 15 and currently doing a Creative and Media diploma. At the moment we are planning a festival. It will be held on the 14th January at Hillcrest school and sixth form centre in Bartley Green, Birmingham. It will be between the times of 2pm and 5pm (possibly later) and we are aiming to get an audience of over 200 people. We are looking for people to run small stalls at the festival. Its a family friendly festival and there will be a small fee. Please mail me if you are interested or need more information. Thanks, Tammy.



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