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Ok, so my consultant is an idiot, we KNEW this from the begining.... I mean, the man looks just like Rob Brydon, and is unable to go a full sentance without saying "umm" or repeating himself. But ya know, he is curing my cancer and all that, so I've been letting things lie, but now he really has proved his moronity ( i invented a word to express my rage) Cause Reginald (my cancer) is being akward, my chemo dates have been moved forward, which means that my last chemo (well, the last of the planned 6) is exactly a week prior to the day I go to V festival, which means that my check up date is at the same time i should be getting onto a train to Stafford. Well I've expressed my concern with this, and asked if i can come in a day early, which apparently is fine, according to some other consultant i deal with when Rob Brydon is busy, but the worry is, my blood count will get very low whilst i'm away. THIS HAS HAPPENED EVERY TIME I'VE HAD CHEMO YOU MORONS!!!!! and every time it happens, they give me some pills and some stuff to inject myself with to raise my bloodcount, so why can't they just give that to me on the thursday? Because Rob isn't sure, and even though he was supposed to decide if i could or not on friday, he said to call him next week. Yes, the man DOES know that i need to know, that i have to sell the ticket if i cant go, that i had to borrow money from my godfather to afford this grand weekend out, but does he care? No, not really. The man doesnt care about my pains and nausea, he says nothing can help, he won't prescribe me medical marijuana, he just tells me i'll have to deal with the pains and sickness, well i smoke this spliff in your name Rob Brydon, for all the confusion and akwardness you cause, thanks a million!!!



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