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Getting dreads before festival season? :D

Or wanting your Nattys on top form before the summer madness?

I thought alot of you guys in here would either have dreadlocks or would want them:)

So I put together some reasons for getting them done right the first time by a proffesional, and some tips for if you decide not to. This advice is based on my experience and opinion only:) I hope you guys are exited for festival season this year, Ill be attending a fair few of them offering my dreadlock services with some of the other top locticians in the Uk.

Getting your dreadlocks done by a professional 'loctician' who has studied exactly how to create healthy, clean dreads that last a life time can save you hours of twiddling fingers and a sore arm and scalp. If you get your hair done by a loctician they will teach you how to keep on top of them between maintenance sessions. Clean and happy dreads mean you don't have to sit for hours on end trying to un-matt hair that you cannot see yourself , a professional has spent years learning how to effectively fix up dreadlocks without breaking any hairs , in quarter the time it takes someone without the experience. For me atleast %50 of my work is undoing dreads that have been put in poorly or have grown out of control. For the safest and healthiest option , coming to a professional dreadlock salon will save you so much time effort and potentially alot of hair.

If left un maintained, messy dreadlock roots can become chaotic and even painful! With stray hairs pulling from your scalp into the wrong dreads, they join together and can form a matted helmet like base.  Dreadlocks should be sectioned properly, to the correct size and width depending on hair type and thickness. They should be done using un harmful techniques to save any breakage or thinning (which could eventually resulting in them falling out). Unless you don't mind your dreads clump together into big dreads, try to keep on top of separating the hairs from between the dreads, it only takes a couple of months for all of these stray hairs to join together leaving your dreads to matt together. This (aswell as not washing regularly) can also cause dreads to gather dirt and create residue or even mould. I would suggest researching new dreadlocks and their different stages and study your hair type before opting to do your own dreads, there are also after care tips and lists of products you should and shouldn't use on your dreads:)   If you do decide to do your own, be sure to section them properly ... 
The thinner your hair is, and the less hair you have the smaller your sections should be, and visa versa . Be sure to search methods and techniques based on your hair type or save breakage and weak spots , and personally I would say not to use any kind of product when first making the dreadlocks. Or if a friend offers to do your hair for you , be sure they have researched all they need to and that they are prepared for the hours it takes. Especially if they have never done a full head of dreads before.
Other than that I really hope all of you guys and your dreadies have fun dancing this summer I'll hopefully see you guys at some festivals.

 lots of love from Kay ,
Dreadful Minds 


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