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Speed photograph viewing

When snapping bands at festivals I nearly always use continuous shooting mode and whizz off several frames at a time which increases the chances of getting a good shot. You're usually fighting against motion blur/camera shake due to the low shutter speed you're obliged to use but often one frame comes out nice and sharp (or with the performers eyes open instead of closed etc). Anyway, all those extra shots are usually pretty surplus to requirements but now by the wonders of Movie Maker here's a chance to see them and enjoy the 'stop-motion' animation effect they give. This is also a good opportunity for those lazy and unappreciative people who can't be arsed flick through the pictures in the photo section of efests and catch up on a whole festival weekends photography in 60 seconds or so! Just three fests from 2007 so far, I'll add more as I do 'em... Off The Tracks - Spring (219 frames) Sunrise Celebration (527 frames) Big Session (597 frames)