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News and views about the 1st River Festival in the Wye Valley

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3 days to go until our first Wye Valley River Festival event

3 days and preparations are hotting up! This is an exciting opportunity to celebrate nature, culture, landscape and life along the River Wye. Starting at Hereford on May 3,the Wye Valley River Festival events flow downstream as communities contribute to the lively and thought-provoking programme. The Festival's grand finale is in Chepstow on May 18.The river is rising. Nature is on trial – who will speak for the spirit of the Wye? The Wye Valley River Festival follows the story of Ratty the Wye water vole, leader of the Creatures' Republic of Wye (CROW), who is on the run from predatory prosecutor Mink and Judge Wild Boar. The twists and turns of the chase unfold in a series of community and arts events down the river. Desperate Men are designing this innovative arts event. Ratty is finally captured and brought to trial at a Grand Assizes in Monmouth’s 16th century Shire Hall. The events lead to a spectacular final at Chepstow Bridge with massed choir, fire, flame and illuminations. We have human fountains, tightrope walking over the Wye, Vera the human manipulated vehicle, talks, exhibitions, music perfomances and festivals, fetes, picnics and a whole raft of entertainment. Go onto www.wyevalleyaonb.org.uk to look at our progranmme of events at each city, town and village along the river.

Wye Valley

Wye Valley

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