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It's two in the morning

I don't know whether I've got insomnia or whether it's my working patterns but it's now 2.11 am on a Monday morning, and I've got so bored (and keep losing at poker) that I decided to start writing this. Actually I'm also up because Sarah's been really ill for the last few days, and I can't be arsed waking her up. I'm a little bug-eyed because I've not had a fag since about 8 o'clock, and can't be arsed walking to the garage to buy some more. I know that I've said I can't be arsed twice already so far. One of my old housemates used to tell me that the phrase that I use that he'll always remember is "sack it". "Sack this, sack that, sack the other" it's the story of my life. I really am a lazy gobshite. On the other hand I spent 9 out of the last twelve months working a 37.5 hour week, followed by DJing 2-5 nights a week. When the last night became regular I sacked off the day job because I was falling apart mentally and physically, plus my DJing was suffering as I just didn't have time to listen to all the stuff I should have. Anyway it's been about four months since I quit my day job. At first it was ace, my sets were fun, energetic, brave, drunk, unique. My life was fun again. I actually got to spend time with the people I was working with; I was able to go out with Sarah when I wasn't working and not fall asleep; and I could get up late and f**k about. That's given way to a slightly hollower existence. I don't really engage in any intelligent conversations with anybody apart from Sarah. Unfortunately her knowledge of current affairs is worse than a a dead baboon, I actually have to explain the news to her. It's a crazy situation as she is one of the most intelligent people I've ever met, and on a social and personal level she is really sharp, but no political awareness whatsoever. This is turning into a rambling, self-pitying lament and I didn't really want it to, but it must be what's on my mind. I guess I shouldn't complain as I've got it pretty cushty, but I am up at 2.28am on Monday morning dicking about on the internet.



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