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    Dessert Recipes, for example, the empanadas are thought to be untouched top choices since they are made amid the promising events like the celebrations. It is vital to make batter by joining the flour and salt. The fillings can be vegan blend or non veggie lover relying upon the prerequisites and the specifications of the clients. The sauce skillet is utilized with the mix of foods grown from the ground and the blend is warmed till it ends up red. Empanadas are utilized as a part of enormous numbers by people from everywhere throughout the world in assortment of events. Keeping in mind the end goal to fill it with meat, one should take the blend alongside onion and additionally different fixings to make fine grained blend. Simple Chocolate Recipes would go far in giving the coveted outcomes to the clients. There are numerous different kinds of food things which are very renowned yet the Simple Dessert Recipes are thought to be the best in the business.

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    I grew up in Edinburgh. I was continually told that I should be glad to live in the city that hosts the world's largest art festival. It may well be the world's largest arts festival but it has always been elitist. There was never really anything there for me, especially in music terms. There has been the odd exception. Orbital playing the Ross Bandstand being one. This was when they drowned out the lone bagpiper at the Military Tattoo with Satan. 

    This is the first year that I can remember there being more than one decent act playing at the Festival. St Vincent is one of the headliners this year, Mogwai are playing and Scottish indie legends the Pastels and the Vaselines are doing shows. Ok, considered among a month long festival that has 1000s of acts this does not even constitute a drop in the ocean it is still after all these years a start.

    As well as the Edinburgh Festival and Fringe we have the smaller but continuing to grow nicely Hidden Doors festival. They have managed to line up Nadine Shah, Dream Wife, Honeyblood, Slyvan Esso and the Young Fathers among others. 

    Edinburgh has a real shortage of music venues, most have been closed down either to become student accommodation or because new build houses complained about the noise. If you buy a house next to a music venue what do you expect? The live music scene is dying up here. It is looking increasingly likely the only time that we will attract decent acts is as part of one of our cities festivals. A sad state of affairs.  

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    MINETY MUSIC FESTIVAL 2018 Shortlisted at the UK Festival Award 2017 (Best New Festival category), Minety Music Festival is a family friendly 'not for profit' festival, run entirely by volunteers. Visit our website: www.minetyfestival.co.uk to find out all the big news and line-up announcements. Tickets available online now!

    Minety Festival 2018 Poster Low Res.png

    Minety Music Festival Avatar 70%.png

  1. Festival season is almost here again, and it’s important to stay safe while having fun. In 2015, it was estimated that one in every 500 festivalgoers were victims of crime. People looking to enjoy a summer enjoying live music and an exciting community atmosphere also need to be aware of the security risks. Fuad Zain, Centre Owner of First Security Training, shares some top tips to keep you safe throughout the festival season.


    1.    Find out where the security are. People tend to behave better when they think they’re being watched. If you pitch your tent near to where security staff are posted, it is likely to remain safer. You’ll also be safe in the knowledge that if any trouble does start, the security won’t be too far away to come to your aid.

    2.    Find out where the medical tent is. In an emergency, you’ll be glad to get there quickly. Make sure you know exactly where to get help if you or one of your party is injured. If in doubt, you can ask security, and they’ll help you find the medical team. Many security staff also have first aid training, so may be able to help too.

    3.    Drug Awareness. Festivals are a hotspot for drugs. Last year, three deaths at Leeds Festival and T in the Park were linked to drug use, and a number of assaults have been linked to drink spiking. Some festivals, such as Leeds and Reading, have announced they will have a drug-testing tent, to ensure the safety of festivalgoers. If you suspect you or a friend has been spiked, you should seek help from the first aid tent or a member of security immediately.

    4.    Stick to busy areas of the festival. Safety in numbers is key here. Avoid the lonely, secluded spots, as this is a prime spot for criminals. Someone on their own is a much easier target than someone surrounded by people, however…

    5.    Be conscious of pickpockets, busy areas are great for these guys. Try not to carry too much money in one place about your person. Also, a great tip is to pick up an old mobile and leave your smartphone at home. Not only will it be less desirable for thieves but the battery will last forever.

    6.    Watch what you drink. Drunk people are far easier to take advantage of. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a festival heatwave, but beware, the heat can make any alcohol go straight to your head. Of course you should have fun, but make sure you or one of your group is looking out for danger. If you feel that anything is getting out of control, go straight to security for help.

    7.    Check your car is locked. If you’re driving to the festival, be aware if you lock your car using a key fob. Thieves are increasingly using signal jammers to prevent doors from locking when the fob is pressed, and the owner leaves the car open, allowing the thief to break in easily and steal any valuables. If you spot anything suspicious when parking your car, report it to festival security.

    8.    Find out what facilities are available. Larger festivals, such as Glastonbury, have free lock ups where you can store your valuables. Also, many festivals have an area for charging your phone, which is an absolute essential if you or one of your group go missing.

    9.    Tag your property. Go retro and channel your school days by marking up your property with your name and postcode. This will make your items easier to identify if they’re handed in at the Lost Property booth. Festivals like Glastonbury have UV pens you can borrow, if you want to secretly secure your stuff.

    10. Make plans with your friends. Not everyone has the same taste in music or entertainment, but make sure you and your group arrange to meet regularly to make sure everyone is safe. If you have any concerns about the safety of any of your party, speak to a member of the security team


    If you have ever been to a festival and over 18 years old please complete this survey.

    It concerns substance use at festival thus might be sensitive for some, more informations are provided in the consent form. 



  3. https://willaltmann.typeform.com/to/cU5rHz

    CALLING ALL FESTIVAL HEADS!! I always hated people who asked this on Facebook so I came here instead! I've created a survey for my dissertation focused on UK music festivals and would massively appreciate it if anyone who has been to a music festival in the UK in the last year could complete it! Takes barely any time and would help me out a lot.  Thank you!       

  4. well, I'd forgotten all about this until Z printed off one of my blogs on here and handed it to me in the week. I think Facebook kind of took over for angst, but is actually less expressive so I thought I'd return. I'm not really doing much treading water as the arachnoid cyst and the brain connections continue to bug the hell out of my life with noisy tinnitus and balance issues - worsened by more recent labyrinthitis (probably from the neural feedback shorting out as it gets more blocked/damaged). Half the time I forget I've got anything wrong me - which leads to quizzically asking K why my archery (I've kept that up over the years along with going to festivals, and working at eFest Towers)  has gone to pieces.

    At the moment I have breathing issues too (pile it on fates why dontcha?) following a bad case of flu with effects the lymphatic system - K far worse than me this time around. I lost my tankard at a very muddy Glastonbury so can look forward to dropping a few pints at Beautiful Days (literally). Z is about to move out to her own place up the road, and so it'll just be me, IK and the cat rattling around here (again literally in my case).

    I just noticed it's 10 years since my post on here where I was first diagnosed and given a decade so it's all good (keels over and dies)

  5. Lauren

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    I have 2 leeds festival tickets for sale... The weekend plus early bird I got them for £470 and im wanting to sell them for £400 or a reasonable price.. If anyone is interested please get in touch 

  6. Hi my name is Rhian & I am currently doing my dissertation for my masters in festivals & events management.

    I would be extremely grateful if any festival goers could complete my short survey by clicking the link below.


    Please feel free to comment any links to surveys you have & I will complete them in return smile.png Thank you!!

  7. Hi everyone! A friend and I are doing a school project at uni regarding technical solutions to overloaded cellular networks which you all know is a frequent problem at festivals. Please help us by filling out this form, it only takes a minute! Much appreciated!! :) 


  8. I once wrote a review saying how dreadful I thought Dawn Penn was as a live act. I saw her a second time and that didn't change my mind. Both of those times she was backed by a DJ and not a live band.


    I saw her again yesterday at Bristol's Harbourfest, with a live band. She was great! :D


    That was a hard crowd to win over, too - and she got them.

  9. My brothers and I are holding a special concert in memory of my late father (George Dougie Leslie) who was the secretary of the Sinatra society in Glasgow. We have Scotland’s No:1 Sinatra tribute act (Frank Holden) and all proceeds will be going to Headcase Cancer Trust. It would be great if you could do a wee piece on this or give us a wee mention.


    The Leslie brothers


    Here it is folks, perhaps this year’s ultimate event, celebrating 100 years of the music of Frank Sinatra at the venue of his final show in Great Britain, Ibrox Stadium.
    The show will take place on December 5th, just short of the great entertainers centenary… This is sure to be a Sensational night


    Doors 7.00pm Tickets: £60
    Arrival: 7.00pm for Champagne Reception 8.00pm: Sumptuous 3 course meal accompanied by live pianist 9.45pm: No.1 Sinatra Tribute Act Frank Holden & his Big Swing Band All proceeds to www.headcase.org.uk


    Tickets available here: http://tickets-scotland.com/events.html?event_method=viewevent&event_id=a77dc7f0-ee75-11e4-ad12-22000b2c9208



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    Dear all,


    I'm selling a five day ticket for the wonderful Buddha Field Festival as sadly I am unable to go.


    It cost me £130.00 but I'd be happy to let it go for £100.


    Please get in touch if interested and I will make the necessary arrangements.


    Best wishes,





  10. North London’s annual Livestock Music Festival returns again for it’s fourth year, promising a wealth of local music talent whether you want to move to the Blues at the Woodland Stage, get the feel good factor at the Main Stage or tap your toes to some Folk in the Black Barn there is something for everyone. more info and tickets from www.livestockuk.com

  11. bought 2 adult 2, 10-16 and car pass for beautiful days festival but now unable to go.Looking to sell ideally as job lot.please e mail phillip.seymour25@bt internet.com if interested.

  12. I updated the "thingy" ready for next year!


    1st Feb 08: Jay Z

    8th Feb 08: The Verve and Kings of Leon

    18th April 08: Some John Peel

    28th April 08: Full Line Up

    (No resale in '08, didn't sell out before it started)


    1st Feb 09: Balance deadline

    23rd Feb 09: Bruce Springsteen

    26th Feb 09: Blur

    9th March 09: Neil Young

    5th April 09: Ticket resale

    22nd April 09: Kasabian confirmed (the '4th headliner')

    25th May 09: Full Line Up


    23rd Nov 09: U2

    12th Feb 10: Muse and Stevie Wonder

    28th Feb 10: Balance deadline

    7th April 10 : West Holts

    11th April 10: Ticket resale

    14th April 10: Full Line Up

    29th April 10: Dance Village added


    11th Feb 11: Beyonce self confirms

    15th Feb 11: Coldplay announced

    23rd Feb 11: U2 announced

    2nd Mar 11: Some acts

    7th Apr 11: Balance deadline

    13th Apr 11: West Holts

    14th Apr 11: Full Line Up

    17th Apr 11: Ticket resale


    17th Jan 13: Rokia Traore

    27th Mar 13: Most of lineup (1st poster)

    8th April 13: Balance deadline

    21st April 13: Ticket resale

    24th April 13: More Acoustic

    26th April 13: Bobby Womack

    30th May 13: Full lineup (barring BBC Introducing & Arcadia which came in June)


    19 December 13 - Arcade Fire

    27 February 14 - Dolly Parton

    1-7 April 14 - Payment window (UK)

    4 April 14 - Initial Poster Reveal - 8am

    27 April 14 - Resale

    1 May 14 - Circus and Theatre

    8 May 14 - Full Poster revealed - 7pm

    22 May 14 - Full Line Up (64 stages)

    4 June 14 - Running times


    1st + 5th Oct 2014 – Tickets on sale

    30 Nov 2014 - Lionel Richie (Sunday – glasto website)

    18 Feb 2015 – Foo Fighters (nme awards)

    16 Mar 2015 – Kanye West

    7th Apr 2015– Balance deadline

    12 Apr – ETC winner announced

    14 Apr – First poster (no stage splits – around 75 acts)

    16th + 19th Apr – Resale

    24 Apr – T & C Line up

    6th May - The Who + Paul Weller (The sun leaked few days before)

    8h May – Block9 announce 2015 plans and few acts

    12th May – Kidz Field line up including Stephen Hawkings

    15th May – Field of Avalon line up + changes to the field

    15Th May - Programme deadline day (posted on Rabbit hole social media)

  13. For the first time ever in the United Kingdom, the sacred powder art painting of the Kathakali tradition of Kerala in South India will be shown. The drawing is done directly with the hand without using any tools whatsoever. The powders used are all nautral, and are used to construct the sacred Kalamuzhutu image over a period of four days from 15th to 18th July. At the same event, Tibetan monks from Tashi Lhunpo Monastery will construct a Tantric Sand Mandala made out of millions of grains of sand, coloured to represent precious jewels, creating an image of a sacred palace into which the Buddha and his retinue are invited as part of an initiation ceremony.

    Both these intricate images, so inherently impermanent in nature, will be destroyed in ceremonies at their completion.

    Alongside these asonishing works of art there will be workshops of dance and music from both traditions, performances of the monastic Cham from the Tibetan monastery and of the sacred stories of the South Indian Kathakali traditionan. Internationally renowned teacher, Ringu Tulku Rinpoche, will be giving a series of talks on Tibetan Buddhism throughout the festival.

    We hope to see you there!

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    Lauren joy joy
    Latest Entry

    blog-0112748001429872211.jpgAt 15 I attended my first festival, NASS, a sister festival or the Relentless groups Freeze & Boardmasters festivals that happen in the south of the UK.

    That festival enlightened me to some euphoric world of freedom, immersion, creativity, nostalgia and carefree happiness. I was unaware of my subconscious desires to pursue a career working within an industry that creates said feelings and experiences, yet here I am 7 years later sat in the library of my university, researching for one of two final pieces of work to complete a degree in Events Management to then go on and chase my desire of becoming a creator of innovative and immersive, experiential festival content.

    I've been immersed in the theories of co-creation, experiential marketing, innovation, hyper-reality and technological advances at festivals... not only has this contributed to assignments and my dissertation which was an Auto-ethnographic study of my own emotional and spiritual experience at a winter sports festival (Rise 2014)... it's also triggered a question...Generation Y? A very suitable name, we are a generation of questions.

    Generations before us, accepted, they may have wondered but never asked, questions may have been answered but were left unspoken. However, we, Generation Y are a generation of asking WHY, why do we want to experience? Why do we want to co-create and why do we want that immersive feeling of nostalgia, euphoria, freedom, happiness and carelessness?

    We're at the very early yet, fast moving stages of a transformation in the way we interact with our own every day experience as well as our entire exsistance.

    This transformation is the driving force behind trying to figure out why we experience, how we experience and what it does to us, emotionally, spiritually and physically. That question is what got me on a plane to the French Alps on my own to research my own experience at a new up and coming Winter Sports Festival, and that question is what will continue to take me to festivals all over the world.

    Maybe there is some poetic justice in the unknown, maybe the need to know everything is a curse of our generation, and like the meaning of life itself, its something we learn and experience rather than define.

  14. blog-0246985001429819407.jpgwww.fusoundsystem.co.uk

    Come join us on 1st May at The Chambers, Cheriton Place in Folkestone.


    A celebration of Reggae music



    Earl Gateshead (Trojan Sound System) https://soundcloud.com/user1470149

    Paul Steward (Port-O-Jam Sound System)

    Daniel Hatcher (G-Ranch Crew)

    Amanda & Nathan Atkins (Frederick's Unique Sound System)


    This is something a bit special!

    I'm sure all those great folk (which I TOTALLY mean) who've been involved in Ska in the town will understand when i say that when there were just a couple of nights dedicated to the beloved sound..well then, it felt SPECIAL !

    It felt that way because those that loved it made it that way.

    It did get - i think it's fair to say - a bit overwhelming when EVERYTHING became SKA driven around here and now that the dust has settled a bit, an event such as this can stand out...because it IS outstanding!!

    Fredericks Unique Sound System (F.U.S.S.) LOVE Reggae & Ska and have dedicated so much of their own time & money into the scene. Born of that sincerity, they've found themselves working with those that not only feel the same but are leaders in the scene.

    This is where EARL GATESHEAD pops in!

    This man has BREATHED the reggae & Ska scene since the 70's when he dj'd in between punk bands in Brixton, playing the best Jamaica had to offer.

    He's head of & main Dj now for the TROJAN Sound System & has played at FABRIC (the first reggae DJ ever invited to do so) and is this year playing his 2nd year of residency at SPACE in Ibiza! !

    This man IS an international dj Superstar, it's just he happens to wear a flat cap instead of a twat (Justin Bieber) box cap!

    Must be nice to have nothing to prove smile emoticon

    This night at The Chambers is on Fri May 1st (bank holiday weekend) & is a FREE ENTRY affair!

    Realise how lucky we are here Folkestone....the rest of Europe have to pay HANDSOMELY to see this man & you can see not only him but ALSO Mista P from Port-O-Jam AND Danny Hatcher from G Ranch Crew AND F.U.S.S....ALL FOR FREE!

    Come to enjoy & come looking sharp!

    Above all, come to love the music & see a man who's influence in the scene can't be denied!

    A big night for us Folkestone!!

    FREE ENTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    blog-0421100001426175907.jpgThe Main Stage Line-Up - Sponsored By The Toll Point

    Pickup 52,

    Intrepid Duo

    Mohawk Radio,

    Groove Hustlers,

    The Restless Venture,

    Stipe: REM Tribute Band,

    Rock Back the Clock,

    BARRON, ...


    Diamond Days,

    Gary Quinn

    Live Lounge Line-Up - Sponsored By Silver Lining Studios

    Adam Walsh from The Velocets

    To Kill A Circus

    Jess Kemp Artist

    Liam McClair Music

    Katy Galloway

    Bones - music

    Feed The Kid

    Pickup 52 (2nd Set)

    The Matchstickmen

    Mason Thomas

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    Hey everybody...

    For my dissertation I am looking at the effects of negative word of mouth on music festival goers. I would highly appreciate it if you could spare 2 minutes of your time to fill out the survey, through the link below.

    You'd be a great help :)

    Thank You

    Jasmin xxxx


  15. blog-0056418001420328097.jpgSo after meeting the guys!

    We thought, in classic festival style, it was time to wack out the booze!

    But in a very British manner, we decided to do this in the form of 'having a couple of drinks with dinner, then getting smashed in the hotel room'...

    So we get to know each other etc.. get drunk etc etc

    Then we ventured out into the midst of Les Deux!

    Mini Bar, Smokey Joes & L'avalance were just the first nights worth of clubs!

    The guys we were with were from Devon and happened to know the Dj's playing in Mini Bar..and epic Dj's they were!!

    Considering I've never been a fan of clubbing, I had an amazing night, there was no lairy people lingering about, not try hard girls, no overly drunk 17 year old hiding in the corner. Just a load of like minded people in a sweaty room listening to what I can only describe as a drug for your ears!

    Went back to the hotel room for some more drinks and to drop off the ski jackets (Beer jacket had replaced by this point).. went back out! danced some more, ended up in the club next door, which was surprisingly quiet, however we still had a kick ass night!

    and instead of a camp site we had a hotel room to juggle with, ended up going back there, with some lovely random Welsh boys that the guys bumped into the day before, and the guys from the room over the hall, ended up staying up until 7:30am chatting about life.. The festival feeling was there!!

    & Then we slept...

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    Hi All,

    LOCKIN are seek festivals for the coming season. You can listen to some of their tracks and contact the band through their website www.LockinBand.com or via their facebook page www.facebook.com/lockinband

    Thanks for sharing the luv and hope to hear from you.



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    So after years of going to Glasto I'm going to try Rewind. Not sure about the set up so I need a few hints and tips.

    • Is there water taps in the camping fields and village areas
    • Can you take booze into the village area
    • Is there a site map I can view
    • Does it take long to get from the carpark to to the campsite

    Thanks guys you rock

  16. Hello everybody!

    I'm Marga, I work for a production company based in Barcelona.

    We're looking for a family or someone with kids who is going to Glastonbury Festival this year (2014) in order to make an interview about his/her/their experience.

    We are preparing a documentary about camping.

    Please, if you are a family going or you know someone who is going contact me at:


    Thank you!!

    You can visit our website: www.padiproductions.com