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published: Fri 14th Oct 2011

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The markets located mainly in the Global Bazaar, along the back of the main arena, and around the Meadow Workshops area offer a diverse range of goodies (with a few unusual stalls), and are definitely worth taking a look around.

All the food stalls are close together, next to the Global Bazaar and offer plenty of options that cater for all tastes at reasonable prices, and the bars stock a range of drinks.

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Wychwood festival goers can't bring their own food or alcohol into the festival village. This policy does not apply to the campsite. Campers can eat and drink their own supplies on the campsite.

The organisers realise that their will be people with allergies and/or children who may find that they need to bring some food and soft drinks/water with them into the Festival Village, this is allowed as long as it's within reason.

Please DO NOT bring any glass site; it and its contents will be confiscated!

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festival information by: Scott Williams

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