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published: Thu 3rd Dec 2009

Woodford Folk Festival is an annual celebration of music, the arts, the environment and culture, running from Saturday the 27th December through to late on the 1st January. Six days and nights of concerts, dance from around the world, workshops, forums, street theatre, films, the comedy club, the GreenHouse venue dedicated to sustainability and the environment, Folk Medicine, an entire children's festival, music, art, dance and circus workshops, late night cabarets, street theatre and special events including a spectacular fire event. 580 acts and 3,000 individual performers come together with an aggregate attendance of between 120,000 and 130,000 Woodford Folk Festival is one of the largest 'folk' festivals in the world.

Woodford began in 1987, growing in size year on year and since 1994 has been held on its own land purchased by Queensland Folk Federation. Over the years this has allowed the festival to improve and develop an effective site infrastructure. Unlike some of the more hedonistic European festivals Woodford is a peaceful and relaxing event with many of the 'hippie' values that are historically associated with festival culture.

Past headliners include; Jon Butler Trio, The Cat Empire, Xavier Rudd, The Black Seeds and The Waifs. Whilst major acts tend to consist of Australian and New Zealand and perhaps less known in Europe they are successful artists in their own countries. International artists often in appear in the form of more traditional 'world' music and performances.
festival information by: Richard Potter

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