Focus Wales 2017 line-up and rumours

Thursday 11th to Saturday 13th May 2017
various venues, Wrexham, Wrexham County Borough, LL13 8LW, Wales MAP
early bird £35
daily capacity: 7000
last updated: Fri 17th Feb 2017

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Fri 12th, Central Station(C) AF THE NAYSAYER
Sat 13th, Saith Seren(C) Aled Rheon
Sat 13th, The Centenary Club @ Wrexham AFC Racecourse(C) Alx Green
Thu 11th, The Royal Oak(C) Andy Hickie
Thu 11th, Central Station(C) Astroid Boys
Fri 12th, Central Station(C) Baby Brave
Fri 12th, Oriel Wrecsam(C) Beth Celyn
Sat 13th, Central Station(C) Betsy
Fri 12th, St Giles Parish Church(C) Billy Bibby
Sat 13th, Old No.7 Bar(C) Bloody Humans
Sat 13th, Central Station(C) British Sea Power
Thu 11th, Undegun(C) Bryde
Fri 12th, Saith Seren(C) Brython Shag
Fri 12th, Central Station(C) Cabbage
Thu 11th, Saith Seren(C) Calfari
Thu 11th, Undegun(C) Camera
Fri 12th, Oriel Wrecsam(C) Campfire Social
Thu 11th, Central Station(C) Castles
Fri 12th, Central Station(C) Chupa Cabra
Sat 13th, Undegun(C) Cleo T.
Sat 13th, Central Station(C) Colt Silvers
Sat 13th, The Centenary Club @ Wrexham AFC Racecourse(C) Connah Evans
Fri 12th, Rewind Bar(C) Coquin Migale
Thu 11th, Rewind Bar(C) CRY
Thu 11th, Undegun(C) Cull
Sat 13th, Oriel Wrecsam(C) Daniel Spaleniak
Thu 11th, Saith Seren(C) Danielle Lewis
Fri 12th, The Royal Oak(C) Darren Eedens
Sat 13th, Central Station(C) Darren Eedens & the Slim Pickins'
Thu 11th, Rewind Bar(C) Delta Radio Band
Sat 13th, Central Station(C) Denuo
Thu 11th, Central Station(C) Don Letts
Thu 11th, Central Station(C) Doppelganger
Sat 13th, Rewind Bar(C) Echotape
Fri 12th, Central Station(C) Exit International
Thu 11th, Central Station(C) False Hope For The Savage
Sat 13th, Old No.7 Bar(C) Familieforetaket
Fri 12th, Oriel Wrecsam(C) Fauna Twin
Sat 13th, Rewind Bar(C) Free Money
Thu 11th, Undegun(C) Future Exits
Thu 11th, St Giles Parish Church(C) Georgia Ruth
Sat 13th, Undegun(C) Ghostlawns
Fri 12th, Saith Seren(C) Gintis
Thu 11th, St Giles Parish Church(C) Golden Fable
Sat 13th, Undegun(C) Goliat
Fri 12th, Rewind Bar(C) GOO
Fri 12th, Rewind Bar(C) Gravves
Fri 12th, Undegun(C) Gulp
Thu 11th, Central Station(C) HABITS
Sat 13th, Oriel Wrecsam(C) Heal the Last Stand
Sat 13th, Central Station(C) HMS Morris
Sat 13th, Saith Seren(C) Hywel Pitts
Fri 12th, Oriel Wrecsam(C) I Am Of The Universe
Sat 13th, Undegun(C) Islet
Sat 13th, Saith Seren(C) JKLMNO
Fri 12th, St Giles Parish Church(C) John Bramwell
Fri 12th, Saith Seren(C) Junior Bill
Fri 12th, Rewind Bar(C) Karma Shake
Fri 12th, The Royal Oak(C) Katie Mac
Thu 11th, Central Station(C) Kela Topan
Sat 13th, Central Station(C) Kid Flicks
Sat 13th, Central Station(C) Kidsmoke
Fri 12th, Undegun(C) King Tangent
Sat 13th, Saith Seren(C) Kuider
Fri 12th, Central Station(C) Love X Stereo
Fri 12th, Undegun(C) Lovers Open Fire
Sat 13th, The Centenary Club @ Wrexham AFC Racecourse(C) Lucy Spraggan
Sat 13th, Rewind Bar(C) Maines
Fri 12th, Rewind Bar(C) Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard
Sat 13th, Rewind Bar(C) Martyn Peters
Thu 11th, Central Station(C) Modern King
Fri 12th, Central Station(C) Molly
Sat 13th, Rewind Bar(C) Monico Blonde
Sat 13th, Oriel Wrecsam(C) Mountainface
Fri 12th, Saith Seren(C) Mountebank
Fri 12th, Central Station(C) Mowbird
Thu 11th, Saith Seren(C) Mr Huw
Fri 12th, Rewind Bar(C) Oblong
Sat 13th, Central Station(C) Peaness
Thu 11th, Rewind Bar(C) Pink Killer
Sat 13th, Oriel Wrecsam(C) Pulco
Fri 12th, Undegun(C) Qujaku
Thu 11th, Central Station(C) Right Hand, Left Hand
Sat 13th, Central Station(C) Seazoo
Thu 11th, St Giles Parish Church(C) Sera
Fri 12th, Central Station(C) Shady Layne
Fri 12th, Central Station(C) Skellums
Thu 11th, Undegun(C) Superior Navigator
Thu 11th, Rewind Bar(C) The Chalk Outlines
Thu 11th, Saith Seren(C) The Columbians
Fri 12th, St Giles Parish Church(C) The Cosmic Array
Thu 11th, Central Station(C) The Dizzy Brains
Fri 12th, Old No.7 Bar(C) The Gentle Good
Fri 12th, Oriel Wrecsam(C) The Glendale Family
Thu 11th, Central Station(C) The Larynx
Sat 13th, Saith Seren(C) Trwbz
Sat 13th, Rewind Bar(C) Wing Mirror Web
Fri 12th, Central Station(C) Winter Coat

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