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published: Fri 14th Oct 2011

If you want a break from watching live bands, here are some of the other attractions at TITP...

Bacardi B-Live
The Bacardi B-Live bar makes its appearance at a number of festivals across the summer. The bar blends together a mix of world renowned DJs, acclaimed percussionists and of course Bacardi rum cocktails. The bar is popular throughout the weekend and is still heaving when the headliners take to the main stage.

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The Silent Disco The silent disco craze really has taken off and has been a firm favourite at T in the Park over the last two years. The silent disco is situated inside the arena near the Bacardi B-Live bar. For more information on what the silent disco is, visit here.

the stages

EA Games 1st Tour Truck The EA Games 1st Tour Truck lets festival goers try out some of the latest EA Games’ products, take part in tournaments or if you really want – get a picture of yourself put into one of their games frames. Alternatively, if you really want to sit in a field and play computer games all day then buy a Playstation with an extra long extension cable.

Nintendo Comedy Café
A place to chill out and watch embarrassingly bad amateur comedians make a fool of themselves while you are bombarded by Nintendo adverts. You can also step into one of the special Wi-Fi enabled Nintendo DS booths and get the chance to challenge ‘rock stars’ to a game or two while they take a break from the music in the T in the Park backstage area, apparently.

Red Bull Vert and Spine Ramps
Tucked away round the side of the T Break stage is the Red Bull Vert and Spine Ramps where talented riders pull off some pretty amazing tricks. It’s quite addictive to watch, even if it’s not really your thing.

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Project Scotland Changing Room
The new Project Scotland Changing Room lets you compete in air guitar, rock karaoke and ceilidh whilst getting information on their full time volunteering placements to 16-25 year olds within Scotland.

Superdrug Backstage
The Superdrug Backstage is a chance for girls to become their own festival superstar in the ‘Hairbrush Diva’ karaoke competition. Each competitor gets a free hair curler. It looks like it’s girls only – sorry guys.

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