published: Fri 14th Oct 2011

Alcohol and T in the Park have a very close relationship; almost 3 million pints of Tennents lager have been drunk at T in the Park since 1994 and 34 unique multi-dispense units across the site have been fitted to pour 816 pints of Tennents every minute.

There are four bars situated on the campsite at T in the Park and five inside the arena. Unfortunately they don't accept cash and buying alcohol is done on a token scheme. In 2006 one token would cost £2.90. A token buys you either one pint of Tennents Lager, one pint of Dry Blackthorn Cider, or one glass of red or white wine.

Tokens are bought on site from one of the specified tents (pictured) and are redeemable on either days – unlike in previous years where you could only buy tokens for that particular day.

the beer tents

Queues for the beer tents at T in the Park aren’t actually that bad and it doesn’t take too long to get served. However if you want to get served as quickly as possible then don’t just walk up to the first token selling stand you see when you enter the arena…the further you walk into the site the less the queues will be.

T in the Park is not exempt from Scotland’s alcohol licensing laws and although the arena opens at 11am, alcohol will not be served until midday. Please note that the bars will also close between 9pm and 9.30pm (which probably means 9.30pm on Saturday and 9pm on Sunday) and don’t expect them to sell you gallons near that time either.

Non alcoholic drinks are available from the majority of the vendors at T in the Park, but expect to pay high prices for them. We recommend refilling a bottle at one of the five water points situated around the perimeter of the arena. The water here is supplied by Scottish Water and is drinkable.

Remember if you are going to drink alcohol drink responsibly and leave plenty of time from your last alcoholic drink if you intend to drive home.

the beer tents

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