The Long Road 2019 line-up and rumours

Friday 6th to Sunday 8th September 2019
Stanford Hall, Lutterworth, Leicestershire, LE17 6DH, England MAP
£110 without camping, £150 with camping
last updated: Tue 27th Aug 2019

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Fri 6th, Fair Country (C) Ags Connolly
Sun 8th, Fair Country (C) Amy Speace
Sun 8th, Fair Country (C) Arkansas Dave
Sun 8th, Crossroad County (C) Asleep At The Wheel
Sun 8th, Fair Country (C) Austin Jenckes
Sun 8th, Crossroad County (C) Beth Rowley
Sun 8th, Fair Country (C) Beth Snapp
Sun 8th, Fair Country (C) Bill and the Belles
Sun 8th, Rhinestone County (C) Cam
Sat 7th, Crossroad County (C) Carson McHone
Fri 6th, Crossroad County (C) CC Smugglers
Sat 7th, Fair Country (C) Charlie Crockett
Sat 7th, Crossroad County (C) CoCo and the Butterfields
Sun 8th, Crossroad County (C) Curse Of Lono
Sat 7th, Crossroad County (C) Danni Nicholls
Fri 6th, Crossroad County (C) DJ Hish
Sat 7th, Crossroad County (C) DJ Hish
Sun 8th, Fair Country (C) Drew Young Band
Sat 7th, Rhinestone County (C) Eric Paslay
Sat 7th, Crossroad County (C) Frankie Lee
Sun 8th, Crossroad County (C) Front Country
Sun 8th, Fair Country (C) Ian Noe
Fri 6th, Fair Country (C) Izzie Walsh
Sat 7th, Crossroad County (C) Jaime Wyatt
Sat 7th, Fair Country (C) Jake Morrell
Sun 8th, Crossroad County (C) Jessica Mitchell
Sat 7th, Crossroad County (C) Jessie Buckley
Sat 7th, Rhinestone County (C) Jillian Jacqueline
Sat 7th, Crossroad County (C) John Paul White
Sun 8th, Rhinestone County (C) Josh Turner
Fri 6th, Crossroad County (C) Katy Hurt
Sat 7th, Rhinestone County (C) Kip Moore
Sun 8th, Rhinestone County (C) Lainey Wilson
Sat 7th, Rhinestone County (C) Lanco
Sat 7th, Rhinestone County (C) Lauren Jenkins
Sat 7th, Crossroad County (C) Leslie Stevens
Fri 6th, Crossroad County (C) Liv Austen
Sun 8th, Fair Country (C) Lockeland
Fri 6th, Crossroad County (C) Lucy Blu
Sun 8th, Crossroad County (C) Matt the Electrician
Sat 7th, Rhinestone County (C) Morgan Evans
Sat 7th, Crossroad County (C) Native Harrow
Fri 6th, Fair Country (C) Oh Susanna
Sat 7th, Crossroad County (C) Peter Bruntnell
day TBC, The Bluegrass Situation Takeover(C) Plus The BGS Songwriters Parlour / Cafe
Sat 7th, Crossroad County (C) Rich Hall
Sat 7th, Crossroad County (C) Robert Chaney
Sun 8th, Crossroad County (C) Rose Cousins
Sat 7th, Fair Country (C) Sam Lewis
Fri 6th, Crossroad County (C) Sam Outlaw
Sun 8th, Fair Country (C) Sean McConnell
Fri 6th, Fair Country (C) Smith & Brewer
Sun 8th, Crossroad County (C) Sunny Ozell
Sun 8th, Fair Country (C) Susto
Sat 7th, Crossroad County (C) Suzanne Santo
Sun 8th, Rhinestone County (C) Suzy Bogguss
Fri 6th, Crossroad County (C) The Cactus Blossoms
Fri 6th, Fair Country (C) The Fargo Railroad Co
Sun 8th, Crossroad County (C) The Grahams
Sat 7th, Crossroad County (C) The Hanging Stars
Fri 6th, Fair Country (C) The Jambalaya Band
Fri 6th, Fair Country (C) The Orange Circus Band
Fri 6th, Crossroad County (C) The Steel Woods
Sun 8th, Crossroad County (C) Thompson Square
Sat 7th, Crossroad County (C) William The Conqueror

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

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