Rototom Sunsplash 2018 line-up and rumours

Thursday 16th to Wednesday 22nd August 2018
Benicassim, Castellon, Costa del Azahar, Spain MAP
currently 200 euros with camping
daily capacity: 40000
last updated: Mon 16th Jul 2018

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Mon 20th, Dub Academy(C) Adala & Friends
Sun 19th, Lion Stage(C) Akatz
Mon 20th, Main Stage(C) Alborosie & Shengen Clan
Tue 21st, Dub Academy(C) Alborosie meets King Jammy
Wed 22nd, Lion Stage(C) Alika & The Same Song Band
Sun 19th, Caribbean Uptempo(C) Artical Ranx
Sat 18th, African Village(C) Ashanti Afrobeat vs Dancehall
Fri 17th, Dub Academy(C) Ashanti Selah ft Ras Divarius
Tue 21st, Caribbean Uptempo(C) Asher G
Thu 16th, Lion Stage(C) Auxili
Fri 17th, Dancehall(C) Bad Gyal
Sat 18th, Main Stage(C) Bad Gyal
Wed 22nd, Dub Academy(C) Barry Isaac
Mon 20th, Main Stage(C) Beres Hammond
Sun 19th, Lion Stage(C) Biga Ranx
Mon 20th, Caribbean Uptempo(C) Black Diamonds
Wed 22nd, Caribbean Uptempo(C) Black Star Sound
Fri 17th, Dub Academy(C) Blackboard Jungle
Sun 19th, Dub Academy(C) Blackboard Jungle
Mon 20th, Dub Academy(C) Blackboard Jungle
Wed 22nd, Dub Academy(C) Blackboard Jungle
Wed 22nd, Dub Academy(C) Blackboard Jungle ft Don Fe
Tue 21st, Dub Academy(C) Capra Records Showcase
Thu 16th, Caribbean Uptempo(C) Caribbean Uptempo Crew
Tue 21st, Dub Academy(C) Chalart58
Thu 16th, Caribbean Uptempo(C) Charlie Mondadientes
Sat 18th, Caribbean Uptempo(C) Coco Girl
Thu 16th, Main Stage(C) Cocoa Tea
Sun 19th, Dancehall(C) Coppershot
Thu 16th, Caribbean Uptempo(C) D'Oxman
Mon 20th, Lion Stage(C) Danakil
Mon 20th, Dancehall(C) David Rodigan
Fri 17th, African Village(C) DJ Douds
Tue 21st, Caribbean Uptempo(C) DJ Howlin' Danny
Mon 20th, Caribbean Uptempo(C) DJ Musclehead
Sun 19th, African Village(C) DJ Owey & DJ Day B
Mon 20th, African Village(C) DJ Vera G. Moumie - N'Zinga
Tue 21st, African Village(C) DJ Vera G. Moumie - N'Zinga
Mon 20th, Dub Academy(C) DubDadda
Fri 17th, Caribbean Uptempo(C) Duke Neville meets Patrick Matics
Thu 16th, Caribbean Uptempo(C) Dukes vs Pirates
Thu 16th, Lion Stage(C) Earthkry
Sun 19th, Caribbean Uptempo(C) Earthstrong Sound System
Sun 19th, African Village(C) Elephant Tyni Obsession
Wed 22nd, Dub Academy(C) Emeterians in Dub
Mon 20th, Caribbean Uptempo(C) Fabio B & John Rudie Pressure
Tue 21st, Main Stage(C) Fat Freddy's Drop
Wed 22nd, Dancehall(C) Freddie Krueger
Mon 20th, Caribbean Uptempo(C) Fulvio Cartacci
Wed 22nd, Caribbean Uptempo(C) Fulvio Cartacci
Sat 18th, Lion Stage(C) General Roots
Sat 18th, Caribbean Uptempo(C) Gladdy Wax
Wed 22nd, African Village(C) Golfo de Guinea & Lady Avocado
Tue 21st, Main Stage(C) Green Valley
Thu 16th, Dub Academy(C) GreenLight
Fri 17th, Main Stage(C) Groundation
Sun 19th, Dub Academy(C) Gudari Dub
Mon 20th, Dub Academy(C) Habesha Ites
Sat 18th, African Village(C) Hermanos Thioune
Sat 18th, Lion Stage(C) Hi Shine Ladies
Sat 18th, Lion Stage(C) Hollie Cook
Wed 22nd, Dub Academy(C) Iron Dubz
Tue 21st, Main Stage(C) Italian Reggae All Stars
Sat 18th, Dub Academy(C) Jah Shaka
Sun 19th, Dub Academy(C) Jah Version & Zacky
Fri 17th, Main Stage(C) Jimmy Cliff
Sun 19th, Dancehall(C) Jugglerz
Thu 16th, Main Stage(C) Julian Marley
Mon 20th, African Village(C) Khady Seck
Fri 17th, Dub Academy(C) Kibir La Amlak
Fri 17th, Dancehall(C) King Addies Sound
Mon 20th, Dancehall(C) King Jammy
Wed 22nd, Main Stage(C) Konshens
Wed 22nd, African Village(C) Kumar Sublevao Beat - Afrikun
Sun 19th, Caribbean Uptempo(C) La Kontramina ft Nembokid
Fri 17th, Lion Stage(C) LADAMA
Sat 18th, Lion Stage(C) Laguna Pai
Sat 18th, Caribbean Uptempo(C) Liquidator Music meets Ruderoma
Thu 16th, Lion Stage(C) Lone Ark Showcase
Wed 22nd, Caribbean Uptempo(C) Mario "Cool Runnings" Dread
Tue 21st, Caribbean Uptempo(C) Maurizio Messina
Fri 17th, Lion Stage(C) Mediterranean Roots
Tue 21st, Main Stage(C) Mellow Mood
Wed 22nd, Main Stage(C) Mighty Diamonds
Tue 21st, Caribbean Uptempo(C) Miss B Ranks & Rastalady
Fri 17th, Lion Stage(C) Mo Kalamity and the Wizards
Sun 19th, Main Stage(C) Morodo & Okoume Lions
Mon 20th, Caribbean Uptempo(C) Mr Dollar Selecta
Fri 17th, Caribbean Uptempo(C) Nembokid Selecta ft Magoo Brixton MC
Thu 16th, Dancehall(C) New Level BCN Crew
Thu 16th, Caribbean Uptempo(C) Ninette meets Bea Be
Tue 21st, Dancehall(C) Northern Lights
Sat 18th, Dancehall(C) One Love Hi Powa
Wed 22nd, Main Stage(C) Orishas
Tue 21st, Caribbean Uptempo(C) Pablo Hotshots
Wed 22nd, Caribbean Uptempo(C) Pantx Official Selectors & Titanian
Sat 18th, Caribbean Uptempo(C) Philly Buster
Thu 16th, Jumping(C) Playa Desnuda
Fri 17th, Jumping(C) Playa Desnuda
Sat 18th, Jumping(C) Playa Desnuda
Sun 19th, Jumping(C) Playa Desnuda
Mon 20th, Jumping(C) Playa Desnuda
Tue 21st, Jumping(C) Playa Desnuda
Sat 18th, Dancehall(C) Pow Wow Movement
Mon 20th, Main Stage(C) Protoje & The Indiggnation
Fri 17th, Caribbean Uptempo(C) Radio Torre Sound System
Mon 20th, Lion Stage(C) Ras Kuko
Fri 17th, Dub Academy(C) Real Rockers
Thu 16th, Lion Stage(C) Royal Sounds
Tue 21st, Caribbean Uptempo(C) Rude Zurito
Fri 17th, Caribbean Uptempo(C) Rudy King
Tue 21st, Lion Stage(C) Samory I
Mon 20th, Lion Stage(C) Saritah
Sun 19th, Lion Stage(C) Skarra Mucci
Sat 18th, Main Stage(C) Skatalites
Sat 18th, Main Stage(C) Slightly Stoopid
Thu 16th, Dancehall(C) Spice
Thu 16th, African Village(C) Sr. Lobezno
Fri 17th, African Village(C) Studio Shap Shap
Sat 18th, Caribbean Uptempo(C) Swing A Ling
Sun 19th, Caribbean Uptempo(C) Taska Sally Brown
Mon 20th, Caribbean Uptempo(C) Taska Sally Brown
Wed 22nd, Caribbean Uptempo(C) The Great Wassie One
Tue 21st, Lion Stage(C) The Uppertones
Sat 18th, Main Stage(C) Tiken Jah Fakoly
Fri 17th, Caribbean Uptempo(C) Toni Face
Sun 19th, Caribbean Uptempo(C) Toni Face & Stefano Cecchi
Sun 19th, Caribbean Uptempo(C) Tony Massive
Wed 22nd, Lion Stage(C) Train To Roots
Wed 22nd, Lion Stage(C) Vanupie
Sun 19th, Dub Academy(C) Vibronics
Wed 22nd, Lion Stage(C) Villa Ada Posse
Mon 20th, Lion Stage(C) Zion Train
Wed 22nd, Dancehall(C) Zj Liquid

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