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The Delays

published: Fri 7th Jul 2006

Friday 11th to Sunday 13th August 2006
De Montfort Hall, Granville Road, Leicester, Leicestershire, England MAP
£75 for weekend, under-16s £20, camping (SOLD OUT) £2 per tent
last updated: Wed 2nd Aug 2006

eFestivals managed to catch up with Aaron Gilbert of The Delays during a very busy festival season for the Southampton four piece, discussing topics as peculiar as horticulture, solo doo wapp albums and why the band are hell bent on world domination.

So is there any deep and meaningful reasoning behind the name ‘The Delays?’
It’s simply the fact that it’s our favourite effects pedal. It’s a combination of that and Donnie Darko, in that they say the two words in the English language that best fit together are cellar door and we thought Delays had a similar ring to it. That’s it – It’s not very deep I’m afraid! We’ll have to think of a better reason but that’s the truth.

How would you define yourself in terms of genre, some people may classify you as rock, some people say pop, dance or electro even?
Well that’s the eternal question – we haven’t got a clue. I suppose ultimately at the moment we’re an indie band, but that’s all I know at the moment really because we haven’t sat down and discussed what we will be or what we are. It would be a lot easier if we were a garage rock band let me tell you.

It makes it pretty hard to pigeon hole you then!
Yeah I know, it’s a shame really – it would be a lot easier for the press.

Do you find you get lots of different people from all walks of life coming to your gigs?
100% yeah. At our gigs you get anything from 14/15 year olds at the front row, to 40/50 year olds behind them, the crowd just get older as it goes back. Which is cool, we don’t discriminate.

Do you prefer indoor or outdoor gigs?
Depends what sort of mood I’m in really. I dunno you cant really beat playing to thousands of people at an open air field but its those sweaty little intimate gigs that are fantastic too, so they both have their merits, I’d be hard pushed to pick one over another.

Any favourite places to play?
Yeah, anywhere in Scotland! It’s absolutely unbelievable.

Lots of people keep saying that but I always thought it was because I was actually interviewing people in Scotland.
No it’s totally true. I’ve played everywhere – and Scottish crowds are just unreal. I think they’re less cynical than us southerners. They loose themselves and don’t care what their friends think if they’re jumping around being sick.

So I take it that means you’re looking forward to T in the Park this weekend?
Yeah I can’t wait man, I really cant. Last time we played we were in a tent so its gonna be great to get out – I don’t know what the weathers gonna be like it doesn’t matter - I don’t really care anyway!

Well it’s been pretty good the last few years at TITP.
Yeah? Well fingers crossed man – its just starting to rain here….which is shit. I tell you what my plants are gonna be doing well!

Your plants? Bit of a horticulturist then?
Ahh man, my gardens a horticulture chocolate box.

You’ve got a busy schedule this summer as far as festivals are concerned – Wakestock, Oxygen, Summer Sundae and V.
Yeah we did Isle of Wight a couple of weeks ago – we’re doing loads of festivals. We’re doing one in Italy one in Mexico, and then we’re heading out to Australia shortly after that – yeah we get around, we’re sluts.

Last year we were recording the album, it was a bit annoying actually because Glastonbury was on and its not this year, especially when all those other bands out there were having the time of their lives and we were holed up in a studio in Wales somewhere.

Do you have any pre conceptions of Summer Sundae?
I don’t think we’ve ever been – every festivals f*cking great though – people are hammered and just wanna forget about any bullsh*t that’s going on in their lives. I’m looking forward to Summer Sundae – it’s gonna be great.

In the past you’ve been fairly unlucky in terms of placement on festival bills, you always seem to have to compete with the major acts – has that been a problem?
Yeah we have been unlucky! But the tents have still been full – we’ve been surprised. Well not surprised because obviously we’re a bit arrogant and think we deserve to have a big crowd. I think we come up against the same sort of thing this year as well. Its gonna be grand!

Do you think you’ve managed to boost your popularity from playing at festivals and perhaps won over fans that might not have come to the gigs?
Yeah 100%, we look at our message boards and we see new people every time we play a new festival, which is great, we want everyone to hear us. We’re not interested in being an obscure indie band – we want to be massive, it’s all part of our plan for world domination.

I like a bit of domination.

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interview by: Scott Johnson

Friday 11th to Sunday 13th August 2006
De Montfort Hall, Granville Road, Leicester, Leicestershire, England MAP
£75 for weekend, under-16s £20, camping (SOLD OUT) £2 per tent
last updated: Wed 2nd Aug 2006

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