photos - Gate to Southwell Folk Festival 2012


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general galleries

around the festival site 10 photos
around the festival site (campsite) 4 photos
around the festival site (people) 10 photos
around the festival site (stage) 6 photos
Horace 1 photos

performer galleries

Ashley Hutchings Morris On 6 photos
Beoga 6 photos
Braebach 6 photos
Brass Monkey 3 photos
Calan 6 photos
Dougie MacLean 2 photos
Glorystrokes 5 photos
Hat Fitz and Cara Robinson 3 photos
Isla St Clair 3 photos
Jon Boden And The Remnant Kings 6 photos
Jools Holland and the Rhythm and Blues Orchestra 9 photos
Karine Polwart Trio 4 photos
Kathryn Roberts And Sean Lakeman 3 photos
Keith Donnelly 1 photos
Le Vent du Nord 7 photos
Lucy Ward 4 photos
Maniere des Bohemiens 5 photos
Martin Carthy 2 photos
Nancy Kerr and James Fagan 3 photos
The Fay Hield Trio 3 photos
The Groanbox Boys 2 photos
The Melrose Quartet 4 photos
The Toy Hearts 2 photos

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