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Sonisphere is a three-day rock festival with camping for 60,000 held at Hertfordshire's Knebworth House in August, which started in 2009. The event took was not held in 2012, or 2013, before returning in 2014, and taking a year out again in 2015, and 2016.

Traditionally the festival has two outdoor stages, with 12 to 14 acts alternating between one stage and another to keep the music continuous, whilst not having two acts playing at the same time.

The Bohemia area houses the third stage which will be an undercover stage, running later than the other stages, offering breaking acts, some cutting edge stuff, and a few surprises with things like Rock Karaoke, Guitar Hero, cinema, stunt shows, Silent disco, fairground rides, and DJs until the early hours. There are two other smaller stages also on site.

Sonisphere  also tours Europe, visiting countries throughout Europe in the run-up to Knebworth which will be the biggest, grand finale event. For information on the European events, click here.

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