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Sheep Music 2012 review

published: Tue 24th Jul 2012

East Park Reggae Collective

Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd July 2012
Wentes Meadow, near Presteigne, Powys, Mid Wales, LD8 2ET, Wales MAP
£60 for an adult weekend ticket
last updated: Mon 18th Jun 2012

In what felt more like an oven than the tent I had crawled into the night before I awoke early Saturday, needing more sleep I went armed with a blanket in search of some shade, which I soon found. Within 200 metres of the camp site was a beautiful babbling brook with a stony shingle beach, like a shady oasis beckoning me, I took the opportunity to have a little snooze before the day's revelry.

Benji Kirkpatrick

Everything about the site and the surrounding fields seems just perfect for the occasion, feeling a bit peckish I made a move to the BBQ shack inside the main site, where I had a stunningly tasty locally sourced fresh BBQ trout. Not the run of the mill festival food. I finished up my fish and set to finding some music, and it wasn't long before my soul was being warmed by Benji Kirkpatrick, a founder member of Bellowhead and a sometimes member of the Seth Lakeman band. He brought his undeniable talent to the bar stage. It was a beautiful set by the multi instrumentalist, a real gem of the weekend, and by now the festival was really coming to life. Even with the numbers rolling through the turnstiles increasing, the site never seemed over loaded, there was always plenty of space to relax, amongst the circus school and roaming entertainers.

around the site
In the craft field there were recycling metal works, thi chi, yoga and break dancing workshops to name but a few, after an hour or so, enjoying watching friends trying their best to master their moves and failing I moved back to the main stage to watch Skiffle Rendez-Vous. They're a French country blues band, and yet another good booking, as they complimented the perfect blue sky weather we were having, and provided nice backing music for conversation over a pint, but did nothing exceptional to make me sit up and take notice.

Rusty Shackle arrived at Sheep Music with there contemporary mix of bluegrass Celtic and folk channelled through a very energetic performance they soon brought people inside form the sun, something that was proving quite hard, with people choosing to stay out in the sun for the bulk of the day.

The Brass Funkeys

The Brass Funkeys did not encounter this problem in any shape or form, playing a great mix of traditional marching numbers and funked up covers including the Jungle Book classic 'I Wanna Be Like You', and even breaking out an amazing rendition of Rage Against the Machine's 'Killing In The Name Of'. These young lads from Cambridge university were obviously having the time of their lives. Ending their set by jumping into the crowd, brass instruments and all 9 strong, marching off out of the tent to 'When The Saints', inducing a 500 strong conga around the site, and where did the conga line lead to?

Yes Sir Boss
Straight into a great performance from Bristol's finest Yes Sir Boss, with their quirky stage presence and catchy lyrics all backed up by a whole world of soul and superb riffs. I am again finding myself bouncing around uncontrollably for the duration, after a busy afternoon I decided to recharge the stomach with a gourmet burger form the 'You Got Beef' bus, a tad expensive at £6 I thought, until I tasted the 'bonjour burger' a mix of a huge half pound burger, stilton bacon and onion jam, simply put, Sheep Music delivered the finest food at every turn.

East Park Reggae Collective
Million Way were next on the main stage with a sound that seems somewhere between Daft Punk and an early Arabian, they have the Sheep Music crowd bouncing and raving for the duration of their set. The remainder of the evening was rounded of by the hugely talented East Park Reggae Collective, with a perfect summer vibe they blasted out their soulful seductive reggae jams relentlessly. Sending the tent on a journey through a great horn section, and a front woman in Anna Stott that's oozing sex appeal and the kind of stage presence any band would die for! They rounded off yet another beautiful day on the main stage.

For those who wanted more revelry there was also the Hive Stage, that kicked into action at 10pm, Saturday night showcased some of the finest electro swing DJs doing the rounds at the moment.
review by: Jamie Licence

photos by: Jamie Licence

Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd July 2012
Wentes Meadow, near Presteigne, Powys, Mid Wales, LD8 2ET, Wales MAP
£60 for an adult weekend ticket
last updated: Mon 18th Jun 2012

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