Shambala Festival 2018 line-up and rumours

Thursday 23rd to Sunday 26th August 2018
a secret location near Market Harborough, Northampton, Northamptonshire, England MAP
£189 - sold out
daily capacity: 15000
last updated: Thu 9th Aug 2018

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Sat 25th, The House Party(C) 24hr Garage Girls
Fri 24th, The House Party(C) 808 State (DJ set)
Sat 25th, The House Party(C) A Skillz
Sun 26th, Madame Bayou's(C) AAA Badboy
Fri 24th, Chai Wallahs(C) Afla Sackey & Afrik Bawantu
Fri 24th, Sankofa's(C) Akervinda
Fri 24th, Chai Wallahs(C) Al Raseef
Fri 24th, Chai Wallahs(C) Amy True
Sun 26th, The Kamikaze(C) Anchorsong
Fri 24th, Chai Wallahs(C) Animal Noise
Sat 25th, Chai Wallahs(C) Animanz
Sat 25th, Roots Yard(C) Aries b2b Kelvin 373
Sat 25th, Chai Wallahs(C) Arp Frique
Sat 25th, Social Club(C) Bellatrix
Sat 25th, Compass Presents(C) Big In Lights
Fri 24th, Sankofa's(C) Blythe Pepino & Friends
Thu 23rd, Chai Wallahs(C) Boudica Boogaloo
Fri 24th, Chai Wallahs(C) Boudica Boogaloo
Sat 25th, Chai Wallahs(C) Brass Rave Unit
Thu 23rd, Swingamajig(C) Bridge 'DJ' Williams
Fri 24th, Social Club(C) Burd
Sat 25th, Roots Yard(C) Bustawidemove
Thu 23rd, Swingamajig(C) C@ In The H@
Sun 26th, Swingamajig(C) C@ In The H@
Sat 25th, Chai Wallahs(C) Calibro 35
Fri 24th, Swingamajig(C) Chandra Walker
Sat 25th, Madame Bayou's(C) Chicken Shed Zeppelin
Fri 24th, Roots Yard(C) Chief Pukka Soundsystem
Sat 25th, Phantom Laundry(C) China Bowls
Sun 26th, Swingamajig(C) Circe's Diner
Sun 26th, Chai Wallahs(C) Cockney Nutjob & The Kurnel MC
Sun 26th, Chai Wallahs(C) Conservatoire Folk Ensemble
Sun 26th, Swingamajig(C) Count Bassy
Thu 23rd, Chai Wallahs(C) Diplomatic DJs
Sat 25th, The House Party(C) Dirty Dubsters: Bazza Ranks
Sat 25th, Madame Bayou's(C) DJ Chris Tofu
Sun 26th, The Kamikaze(C) DJ Krust ft. Dynamite MC
Sun 26th, The Kamikaze(C) DJ Paypal B2B DJ Taye
Fri 24th, Madame Bayou's(C) Dr Bluegrass and the Illbilly 8
Sun 26th, Roots Yard(C) Dub Central
Thu 23rd, Madame Bayou's(C) Ecklectic Mick
Thu 23rd, Swingamajig(C) Electric Swing Circus
Sun 26th, Swingamajig(C) Electric Swing Circus
Fri 24th, The Kamikaze(C) Esa
Sat 25th, The House Party(C) Exposure
Fri 24th, Social Club(C) First Degree Burns
Sun 26th, The House Party(C) Fish & Sherry S
Fri 24th, Social Club(C) Fitty Gomash
Sat 25th, Social Club(C) Fitty Gomash
Sat 25th, Swingamajig(C) Fizzy Gillespie
Sun 26th, Swingamajig(C) Flibb
Sat 25th, Sankofa's(C) Fran & Flora
Fri 24th, Sankofa's(C) Gasper Nali
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Gasper Nali
Thu 23rd, Swingamajig(C) Gator Dog Snappers
Sat 25th, Swingamajig(C) Gator Dog Snappers
Sun 26th, Shambala Stage(C) Gentleman's Dub Club
Sat 25th, Shambala Stage(C) Gizmo Varillas
Sat 25th, Roots Yard(C) Goosensei
Sun 26th, Chai Wallahs(C) Groovelator
Sun 26th, Shambala Stage(C) Grrrrl
Sat 25th, Shambala Stage(C) Guy One
Sat 25th, Madame Bayou's(C) Gypsies of Bohemia
Sun 26th, Madame Bayou's(C) Henge
Sun 26th, Roots Yard(C) Hermit Dubz
Sat 25th, Chai Wallahs(C) Holly Holden y Su Banda
Sat 25th, Chai Wallahs(C) HoneyFeet
Sun 26th, Phantom Laundry(C) HoneyFeet
Sun 26th, Swingamajig(C) Hong Kong Ping Pong
Sat 25th, Shambala Stage(C) House Gospel Choir
Sat 25th, Roots Yard(C) I-mitri CounterAction
Sun 26th, Swingamajig(C) Iguanas
Fri 24th, Roots Yard(C) Jah Mooly & friends
Sun 26th, Chai Wallahs(C) Jally Kebba Susso
Sun 26th, Roots Yard(C) Jam Jah : MC Showdown
Sat 25th, Roots Yard(C) Jam Jah Sound
Thu 23rd, Swingamajig(C) Jaye And Foe
Sun 26th, Swingamajig(C) Jaye And Foe
Sun 26th, Social Club(C) Jimi Needles (DJ set)
Fri 24th, Chai Wallahs(C) Jimi Needles (live)
Sun 26th, Chai Wallahs(C) Jimi Needles (live)
Sun 26th, Roots Yard(C) Jiro (I&I Sound Station)
Sat 25th, Madame Bayou's(C) John Fairhurst
Sat 25th, Social Club(C) Johnny Cash Converters
Fri 24th, The House Party(C) Jon Dasilva
Sun 26th, Roots Yard(C) Juggla
Fri 24th, Shambala Stage(C) King Ayisoba
Sun 26th, Roots Yard(C) King David
Fri 24th, Chai Wallahs(C) Kiriki Club
Fri 24th, Sankofa's(C) Kit Hawes & Aaron Catlow
Sat 25th, The Kamikaze(C) Klute ft. Visionobi
Sun 26th, Chai Wallahs(C) Kokoroko
Fri 24th, Sankofa's(C) Kolinga
Sat 25th, Sankofa's(C) Kolinga
Sun 26th, Shambala Stage(C) Kora Jazz Trio
Sat 25th, Roots Yard(C) Lazy Face
Thu 23rd, Chai Wallahs(C) Lazy Habits
Sat 25th, Chai Wallahs(C) Lazy Habits
Sat 25th, Sankofa's(C) Lisa Knapp
Sun 26th, Roots Yard(C) Little Gem
Sun 26th, Chai Wallahs(C) Lost Tuesday Society
Sat 25th, The Kamikaze(C) Lowkey
Sat 25th, Shambala Stage(C) Manou Gallo
Fri 24th, The Kamikaze(C) Mawimbi
Fri 24th, The House Party(C) Max Rubadub
Sun 26th, Roots Yard(C) Maxi Dread
Fri 24th, Sankofa's(C) Michael Messer's Mitra
Fri 24th, The Kamikaze(C) Mina B2B Tash LC
Sun 26th, The House Party(C) Mini Da Minx
Sun 26th, The House Party(C) Mister Nice
Sat 25th, The Kamikaze(C) Mistress Mo ft. MC Boogieman
Sun 26th, Sankofa's(C) Mohammad Reza Mortazavi
Sun 26th, Roots Yard(C) Morell Soundsystem
Sat 25th, The Kamikaze(C) Mr Raoul K
Sat 25th, Compass Presents(C) Mr Tea and the Minions
Sun 26th, The House Party(C) Mr Trout
Fri 24th, Shambala Stage(C) MY BABY
Fri 24th, Shambala Stage(C) Namvula
Sun 26th, Sankofa's(C) Night
Fri 24th, Shambala Stage(C) Nubiyan Twist
Fri 24th, Shambala Stage(C) Oh My God! It's The Church
Fri 24th, Chai Wallahs(C) Old Baby Mackerel
Fri 24th, The Kamikaze(C) Onipa (live)
Sun 26th, The Kamikaze(C) Onipa (live)
Sat 25th, Shambala Stage(C) Ozomatli ft. Chali 2na
Fri 24th, Swingamajig(C) Phat Sam
Sat 25th, Swingamajig(C) Phat Sam
Sun 26th, The House Party(C) Plump DJs
Sat 25th, Chai Wallahs(C) Rasha Nahas
Sun 26th, Sankofa's(C) Rhain
Sat 25th, Roots Yard(C) Riddimtion
Fri 24th, Chai Wallahs(C) Rumba De Bodas
Fri 24th, Swingamajig(C) Rumpsteppers
Sun 26th, Chai Wallahs(C) Samsara Collective
Sat 25th, Imaginarium(C) Secret Stereo
Sun 26th, Shambala Stage(C) Seun Kuti & Egypt 80
Sun 26th, Chai Wallahs(C) Smerins Anti-Social Club
Thu 23rd, Chai Wallahs(C) Smiley And The Underclass
Thu 23rd, Chai Wallahs(C) Solana
Sun 26th, The House Party(C) Soul of Man
Sat 25th, Chai Wallahs(C) Sound of the Sirens
Fri 24th, Roots Yard(C) Steve Bedlam
Sat 25th, Sankofa's(C) Stick in the Wheel
Sat 25th, Sankofa's(C) Stillhouse
Sun 26th, The House Party(C) Subsonic Takeover
Sun 26th, Swingamajig(C) Swingamajig All Stars
Fri 24th, The Kamikaze(C) The Busy Twist (live)
Fri 24th, Madame Bayou's(C) The Carny Villains
Sun 26th, Madame Bayou's(C) The Carny Villains
Sun 26th, Madame Bayou's(C) The Future Shape Of Sound
Sun 26th, Shambala Stage(C) The Last Poets
Sun 26th, Chai Wallahs(C) The Schmooozenburgs
Sat 25th, Shambala Stage(C) This Is The Kit
Sat 25th, Sankofa's(C) Thom Ashworth
Sun 26th, The Kamikaze(C) Tikiman Live & Scion
Sat 25th, Swingamajig(C) Tom Esc
Fri 24th, Swingamajig(C) Tropigal
Sat 25th, Social Club(C) Vibe Roulette
Sun 26th, Sankofa's(C) Wallis Bird
Sun 26th, The House Party(C) WBBL
Fri 24th, Roots Yard(C) Worries Outernational
Thu 23rd, Chai Wallahs(C) Wrongtom
Fri 24th, Chai Wallahs(C) Wrongtom
Sat 25th, Roots Yard(C) Young Culture Sound
Sun 26th, Roots Yard(C) YT
Sun 26th, Shambala Stage(C) Zara McFarlane
Fri 24th, Shambala Stage(C) Zeal & Ardor

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

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