Run to the Sun 2014 line-up and rumours

Friday 23rd to Monday 26th May 2014
Newquay View Resort, Porth, Newquay, Cornwall, TR8 4AS, England MAP
£75 (no booking fee)
daily capacity: 10000
last updated: Tue 15th Apr 2014

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Fri 23rd, Arena 2(C) All Things House
Sat 24th, Arena 2(C) Anne Savage
Fri 23rd, Arena 2(C) Beatz Breakers
Fri 23rd, Arena 1(C) Brookes Brothers
Sun 25th, Arena 2(C) Catalyst
Sat 24th, Arena 1(C) Coco Cole
Fri 23rd, Arena 1(C) Cyantific
Sun 25th, Arena 1(C) Danny Byrd
Sun 25th, Arena 1(C) Danny Howard
Fri 23rd, Arena 2(C) Daytoner
Fri 23rd, Arena 2(C) Deluxx
Fri 23rd, Arena 2(C) DJ K.B.S.
Fri 23rd, Arena 1(C) DJ Klimax
Sun 25th, Arena 2(C) Dj Ray Keith
Fri 23rd, Arena 1(C) Eddy Temple Morris
Fri 23rd, Arena 2(C) Freerange DJs
Fri 23rd, Arena 2(C) Freestylers
Fri 23rd, Arena 2(C) Geometric
Sun 25th, Arena 1(C) Goldie & Lowkey
Fri 23rd, Arena 1(C) Grooverider
Sun 25th, Arena 2(C) Grudge
Sun 25th, Arena 1(C) Hannah Jacques
Sun 25th, Arena 2(C) Host Crisis MC
Sat 24th, Arena 2(C) I Am Cam
Fri 23rd, Arena 1(C) Illaman
Sat 24th, Arena 1(C) Illaman
Sun 25th, Arena 1(C) Illaman
Fri 23rd, Arena 1(C) Jaguar Skills
Sat 24th, Arena 1(C) Jay Funk
Sun 25th, Arena 2(C) Jello
Sun 25th, Arena 1(C) Kissy Sell Out
Fri 23rd, Arena 1(C) Koven
Sat 24th, Arena 1(C) Krafty Kuts
Sat 24th, Arena 1(C) Major Look
Sat 24th, Arena 1(C) Mason
Fri 23rd, Arena 1(C) Matrix & Futurebound
Sat 24th, Arena 1(C) MistaJam
Sun 25th, Arena 2(C) Nuera
Sat 24th, Arena 1(C) Plump DJs
Sun 25th, Arena 2(C) Premise
Fri 23rd, Arena 1(C) Prototypes
Sat 24th, Arena 2(C) Raptus
Sun 25th, Arena 1(C) Rawkus Noise
Sun 25th, Arena 2(C) Redefeat
Sat 24th, Arena 2(C) Refuze
Fri 23rd, Arena 1(C) Rhymestar
Sat 24th, Arena 2(C) Si Gordon
Sun 25th, Arena 2(C) Sinprint
Fri 23rd, Arena 2(C) Snatch the Wax
Sun 25th, Arena 1(C) Snatch the Wax
Sat 24th, Arena 2(C) Sublux
Fri 23rd, Arena 2(C) Submental
Sat 24th, Arena 2(C) Terra Tactics
Sat 24th, Arena 2(C) The Anvil
Sat 24th, Arena 2(C) Utah Saints
Sat 24th, Arena 1(C) Wideboys
Sun 25th, Arena 1(C) Youngman

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