Rhythmtree 2017 line-up and rumours

Friday 14th to Sunday 16th July 2017
Three Gates Farm, Shalfleet, Calbourne, Isle of Wight, PO30 4NA, England MAP
daily capacity: 2000
last updated: Fri 7th Jul 2017

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Fri 14th, Didge Cafe(C) Annabelle Spencer
Sat 15th, Didge Cafe(C) Beans on Toast
Sat 15th, Didge Cafe(C) Between The Boots & Me
Fri 14th, Woodland Stage(C) Blanty
Sun 16th, Main Stage(C) Blockheads
Fri 14th, Didge Cafe(C) Bobby I Can Fly
Sun 16th, Woodland Stage(C) Brighstone Barnacles
Sat 15th, Main Stage(C) Cabruera
Sun 16th, Main Stage(C) Caravan Raj
Sat 15th, Didge Cafe(C) Cherishport
Fri 14th, Woodland Stage(C) Church & Ivory
Sun 16th, Didge Cafe(C) Claydon Connor
Sat 15th, Woodland Stage(C) Dayita
Sat 15th, Woodland Stage(C) Deborah Rose & Mari Randle
Sat 15th, Main Stage(C) Elles Bailey
Sat 15th, Woodland Stage(C) Fellowship of Groove
Sat 15th, Main Stage(C) Fugitive Orchestra
Sun 16th, Woodland Stage(C) Handsome Dave
Fri 14th, Didge Cafe(C) Jacquemo
Fri 14th, Didge Cafe(C) John Murry
Sun 16th, Didge Cafe(C) Jon Hart
Fri 14th, Woodland Stage(C) Jukebox Jazz
Sat 15th, Woodland Stage(C) Julie Murphy
Fri 14th, Woodland Stage(C) Juno
Sun 16th, Main Stage(C) K.O.G & the Zongo Brigade
Fri 14th, Didge Cafe(C) Liam Burke
Sat 15th, Main Stage(C) Lightning Seeds
Sat 15th, Main Stage(C) London African Gospel Choir
Fri 14th, Woodland Stage(C) Mackie
Sun 16th, Didge Cafe(C) Mackie & Blanty
Sat 15th, Didge Cafe(C) Mad King Ludwig
Fri 14th, Main Stage(C) Medina Ukulele Orchestra
Sun 16th, Woodland Stage(C) Nakamarra
Sat 15th, Didge Cafe(C) Nigel Thomas
Sat 15th, Woodland Stage(C) Paul Armfield
Sun 16th, Woodland Stage(C) Paul Armfield
Sun 16th, Woodland Stage(C) Red Sqwrl
Sat 15th, Main Stage(C) Reminders
Fri 14th, Didge Cafe(C) Rory McLeod
Sun 16th, Main Stage(C) Rug
Sat 15th, Woodland Stage(C) Scott & Maria
Sun 16th, Didge Cafe(C) Sean Taylor
Sat 15th, Woodland Stage(C) Sheer Pink
Fri 14th, Woodland Stage(C) Simon Shelley
Fri 14th, Didge Cafe(C) Ska'd for Life
Fri 14th, Woodland Stage(C) Soul Professor
Sat 15th, Woodland Stage(C) Soul Professor
Fri 14th, Didge Cafe(C) Spike Oatley
Fri 14th, Main Stage(C) Stereo MC's
Fri 14th, Woodland Stage(C) Swan Levitt
Sun 16th, Main Stage(C) Tankus the Henge
Sun 16th, Didge Cafe(C) The 4DGs
Sun 16th, Didge Cafe(C) The Drystones
Sun 16th, Didge Cafe(C) The Mekons
Fri 14th, Main Stage(C) The Moonshiners
Sun 16th, Didge Cafe(C) The Ohmz
Sun 16th, Main Stage(C) The Southern Companion
Fri 14th, Main Stage(C) Transglobal Underground
Sun 16th, Didge Cafe(C) Tuba Libres
Sat 15th, Didge Cafe(C) Uhuru
Sat 15th, Woodland Stage(C) Vanessa Forero
Fri 14th, Main Stage(C) Vaudou Game
Sat 15th, Main Stage(C) Voodoo Love Orchestra
Sat 15th, Didge Cafe(C) Weatherkings
Sat 15th, Didge Cafe(C) Will Pound and Eddy Jay
Sun 16th, Main Stage(C) Will Pound and Eddy Jay
Sat 15th, Main Stage(C) Yorkston / Thorn / Khan

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