Out of the Ordinary Festival 2011

Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th September 2011
Knockhatch Farm, west of Hailsham, East Sussex, England MAP
adults £66, child (10-15 yrs) £20, under 10s free
last updated: Tue 6th Sep 2011

Out of the Ordinary Festival is a snapshot of how people could live together in a sustainable way. It's a chance for the family to come together and learn something out of the ordinary at one of the talks or workshops. The festival is staged around a modern stone circle that is being built and aligned to the heavens as a working observatory. The main event is sunrise from the centre of the circle along the equinox alignment.

Out of the Ordinary Festival is a three day gathering set in fields and woodland of the Sussex Downs which takes place from Friday 23rd until Sunday 25th September 2011.

Music takes place on solar powered stages, there's a green ethical market supporting local businesses, healing fields, cabaret, circus, yoga, comedy, performance and dance.


System 7, Fujiya & Miyagi, Solo Banton, Zubzub, Orchid Star, Urban Sedated HiFi, Vital, Transformer, The Trans Siberian Marching Band, The Filthy Kicks, The Peanut Albinos, Akahum, Zen Death Squad, Dub'N'Tuff Allstars, Boycom, The Peppermint Beat Band, Shona Foster, The Phoenix Rose, Wide Eyed Order, Buffo's Wake, Malarki, Nick Sequenci, Liquid Ross, Marmaduke Dando, Elijah MC, Virgin Soldiers, The Sly Tones, Autumn Red, Triple Chicken Combo, Cephalodidge, New Groove Formation, Janna Goodwille, and The Free Radicals.


The early bird offer has ended. Tickets are priced at £66 for a 3 day pass, with a child (aged 10-15 years) ticket priced at £20, under tens are free. A campervan pass is £20, and parking is £5. Day tickets are also available priced at £35 for any day. To buy tickets, click here.


Entertainment includes a variety of live bands over three stages along with local DJ's & performers, fire dancers, circus performers, open mic music & poetry, campaigns, films, drama, poetry, performance, song and dance, a whole host of antiquarian activities and attractions, from tug of war to bellydancing.


There will also be workshops offering things like circus skills, fire dancing, learning how to forage for food, drumming workshops, discussions and forums with some of the most learned speakers on prehistoric culture, ancient knowledge, Earth Mysteries and healing.

On site

Enchanted woods, quiet camping, healing and well being. 'Ootopia' returns this year with a combination of healing events and ceremonies, talks and workshops, live music on the Brighton Flux, Radio Reverb stage, healthy food and drink at the ethical market, which will have local foods, wines and ales.

Chakra site layout

OOTO's site plan is designed to recreate the energetic chakra system of the human body. Root Chakra is at the base of the spine and is represented at OOTO as the circus arena. Sacral Chakra is the naval area of the festival, it is the family area, which will include many activities for parents and children to enjoy. Solar Plexus is the healing area. Heart Chakra is the heart area of the body the peace circle is the heart of the festival. Throat Chakra represents the music which will be on two solar and wind powered stages. Third Eye Chakra based at the forehead, is the knowledge area of the festival, where a variety of talks and workshops will take place. Crown Chakra Is at the top of the head, this is the 2012 area with talks and workshops focused on the 2012 prophecies. Gama Area The Green Access Mobility Area, providing facilities for wheelchair users to participate and celebrate as one with the community.

Zero waste

OOTO has a zero waste policy, and asks attendees to take all waste home with them. The festival is fully green solar, wind, vegetable oil, and people powered.

Adventure Park

In addition festival goers get reduced rates and privileged access to Knockhatch Adventure Park (Ski slope, boating lake, kids go-karts, bird of prey centre, climbing wall, trampolines and more).

More information will be here when available.

Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th September 2011
Knockhatch Farm, west of Hailsham, East Sussex, England MAP
adults £66, child (10-15 yrs) £20, under 10s free
last updated: Tue 6th Sep 2011

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