Newcastle Green Gathering 2008

Saturday 30th to Sunday 31st August 2008
Exhibition Park, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
last updated: Fri 29th Aug 2008

Newcastle Green Gathering is a new festival which focuses on raising awareness of environmental issues. The dates for the festival have been announced as Saturday 30th August 12pm - 6pm and Sunday 31st August 2008 12pm - 10pm.

The line-up has now been confirmed as:
The Funk Network UK arena:
Saturday Nev Clay, Backseat Angel, Mike TV & The Betamax Experience, Lake Me, and Groovenik.
Sunday Soul Technique, Andy Hardie & The Free Radicals, The 27 Club, Diddley Squat, Nick Pride & The Pimptones, The Guessmen, and Monty Casino.

Hooked Stage:
Live Acts: Stig of the Dump & Dr Syntax (Beer & Rap Roadshow), Skrufz, Mizbee & Toma.
DJs: Pegz, Ed:it, Sully, Dubcat.
Live Acts: MysteryMen, and Suibom Serum.
DJs: Chris Littlewood, Ant Gould, Kai Foyen, Andy Gordon, Dave Shannon, Phil Grierson, Parky, Gareth Hocking, Flabski, and Erik Jessop.

Tyne Stage:
Saturday Runwells, The Out Of Towners, Marcheys House, Dot to Dots, Kalidah Unplugged, New Vinyls, and Sandhill.
Sunday Anna Louisa, Adam Cooper, Michael Marwood, Your Casket or Mine, Show off Summer, Chevrolites, Deltasound, Birds vs, Planes, and Dead Seas.

Electrolux AV Tent:
Saturday Comscan (Electrolux), Dilation / Cedric Von Fugel (Backlash), Oskar Visan, Suade (Adapted Vinyl, Electrolux), Scrubber Fox (SCAM Recordings, Soundscape) Visuals: WuDan (Seen AV, Electrolux), Captain Wardrobe (Soundscape), Super Nova (Talvin Singh).
Sunday Captain Wardrobe (Soundscape), Radge Packets (Backlash), And. (Soundscape), Salon Kitty (Dim Sum), Fiero Fuxx (Road to Rimmney), Biologic (Electrolux), Dressed In Wires (Distraction Records), TAC AV (Testin' out), Visuals: WuDan (Seen AV, Electrolux), Captain Wardrobe (Soundscape).

What'll be on Green World Stage:
Saturday Jambo Africa Theater, Reform Dance, Karibu Musica, Mamela Dance, Tarart, Amabuthu African arts, Kusana Zulu Poetry and dance, and Sade Sangawawa.
Sunday Bagdaddies, Maybe Myrtle Tyrtle, Caravan, O.P.E.N., Priyah, Bangshes, Bad Taste Kru, "This Ole Train" musical theatre, and The Lazy Lizards.

Workshops include contact juggling, break dancing, beat boxing, body popping, stage presence, music technology, and musical theatre.

This is a free festival in Leazes Park, Newcastle upon Tyne, the festival features four stages of music, AV, comedy, cabaret and entertainment, interactive art installations, healing, kid's areas, and new for 2008 the Leazes Glade which will feature a diverse range of arts, community & heritage activities and more. All dedicated to making sure that everyone in the city and beyond can make small but practical steps to change the environment we live in for the better; and have a great time while learning a bit as well.

Please note that there is no alcohol to be brought onto the site, there are drinks available through event bars.

For more information please see the festival website.

More information will be here when available.

Saturday 30th to Sunday 31st August 2008
Exhibition Park, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
last updated: Fri 29th Aug 2008

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Newcastle Green Gathering 2008
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last updated: Fri 29th Aug 2008