Open'er Festival 2018 line-up and rumours

Wednesday 4th to Saturday 7th July 2018
Babie Doly Airfield, Gdynia, Poland, Poland MAP
4-day with 6 days camping 659 PLN (approx. £120)
daily capacity: 60000
last updated: Tue 26th Jun 2018

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

day TBC, Firestone Stage(C) 0rganek
Thu 5th, Beat Stage(C) Acid Arab
Wed 4th, Tent Stage(C) Adi Novak & Barvinsky
Thu 5th, Tent Stage(C) Alma
Fri 6th, Beat Stage(C) ANNA
Wed 4th, Main Stage(C) Arctic Monkeys
Thu 5th, Beat Stage(C) B.Traits
Thu 5th, Alter Stage(C) Baasch
Wed 4th, Firestone Stage(C) Baranovski
day TBC, Firestone Stage(C) Baranovski
Thu 5th, Firestone Stage(C) Barbara Wronska
day TBC, Firestone Stage(C) Barbara Wronska
Fri 6th, Beat Stage(C) Blooma
Wed 4th, Alter Stage(C) Bluszcz
Sat 7th, Alter Stage(C) Bokka
Sat 7th, Alter Stage(C) Bomba Estereo
Sat 7th, Main Stage(C) Bruno Mars
Wed 4th, Tent Stage(C) Chvrches
Wed 4th, Tent Stage(C) Coals
Thu 5th, Alter Stage(C) Czerwone Swinie
Thu 5th, Tent Stage(C) David Byrne
Sat 7th, Main Stage(C) Dawid Podsiadlo
Wed 4th, Alter Stage(C) Dead Cross
Thu 5th, Main Stage(C) Depeche Mode
Fri 6th, Firestone Stage(C) Ffrancis
day TBC, Firestone Stage(C) Ffrancis
Wed 4th, Tent Stage(C) Fleet Foxes
Wed 4th, Beat Stage(C) Flirtini
Wed 4th, Alter Stage(C) Furia
Wed 4th, Firestone Stage(C) Gang Srodmiescie
Sat 7th, Tent Stage(C) Glass Animals
Fri 6th, Main Stage(C) Gorillaz (live)
Wed 4th, Alter Stage(C) Janka
Wed 4th, Main Stage(C) Jarecki
Wed 4th, Beat Stage(C) Jay Shepheard
Fri 6th, Beat Stage(C) Joris Voorn
Fri 6th, Main Stage(C) Kaleo
day TBC, Firestone Stage(C) Kaleo
Fri 6th, Main Stage(C) Kali Uchis
Sat 7th, Tent Stage(C) Kamil Pivot
Sat 7th, Beat Stage(C) Kamp! DJs
Sat 7th, Alter Stage(C) Kasai
Thu 5th, Firestone Stage(C) Kasia Lins
day TBC, Firestone Stage(C) Kasia Lins
Wed 4th, Beat Stage(C) Kornel Kovacs
Wed 4th, Tent Stage(C) Kortez
Fri 6th, Alter Stage(C) Krol
Thu 5th, Tent Stage(C) L.Stadt
Fri 6th, Tent Stage(C) La Femme
Thu 5th, Beat Stage(C) Leon
Fri 6th, Alter Stage(C) Little Simz
Sat 7th, Firestone Stage(C) LOR
day TBC, Firestone Stage(C) LOR
Thu 5th, Main Stage(C)
Fri 6th, Tent Stage(C) Marcelina
Fri 6th, Alter Stage(C) Marmozets
Thu 5th, Main Stage(C) Massive Attack
Wed 4th, Main Stage(C) Migos
Thu 5th, Tent Stage(C) Mount Kimbie
Thu 5th, Alter Stage(C) Muchy
Wed 4th, Main Stage(C) Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Fri 6th, Firestone Stage(C) Nixes
day TBC, Firestone Stage(C) Nixes
Sat 7th, Tent Stage(C) Odesza
Thu 5th, Main Stage(C) Organek
Thu 5th, Tent Stage(C) Otsochodzi
Thu 5th, Alter Stage(C) Panieneczki
Fri 6th, Firestone Stage(C) Paulina Przybysz
day TBC, Firestone Stage(C) Paulina Przybysz
day TBC, Firestone Stage(C) Pepe
Thu 5th, Firestone Stage(C) Pepe.
Sat 7th, Beat Stage(C) Pham
Sat 7th, Main Stage(C) Post Malone
Fri 6th, Tent Stage(C) Pro8l3m
Thu 5th, Main Stage(C) Rasmentalism
Fri 6th, Alter Stage(C) Resina
Sat 7th, Beat Stage(C) Riton
Wed 4th, Firestone Stage(C) Rosalie
day TBC, Firestone Stage(C) Rosalie
Sat 7th, Alter Stage(C) Sevdaliza
Fri 6th, Alter Stage(C) SG Lewis
Fri 6th, Tent Stage(C) Sigrid
Sat 7th, Firestone Stage(C) Sonar
day TBC, Firestone Stage(C) Sonar
Fri 6th, Alter Stage(C) Sorja Morja
Wed 4th, Alter Stage(C) Superorganism
Fri 6th, Main Stage(C) Taconafide
Wed 4th, Alter Stage(C) Teskno
Sat 7th, Alter Stage(C) Trupa Trupa
Thu 5th, Beat Stage(C) Vacos Malcolm
Fri 6th, Tent Stage(C) Vince Staples
Sat 7th, Firestone Stage(C) Wojtek Szczepanik
day TBC, Firestone Stage(C) Wojtek Szczepanik
Sat 7th, Tent Stage(C) Years & Years
Thu 5th, Alter Stage(C) Yonaka
Thu 5th, Alter Stage(C) Young Fathers
Fri 6th, Main Stage(C) Young Thug
Sat 7th, Tent Stage(C) Yung Lean

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

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