Neverworld 2019 line-up and rumours

Thursday 1st to Sunday 4th August 2019
John Darlings Farm, Hever, near Edenbridge, Kent, TN8 7LP, England MAP
£145 + £5 litter bond
daily capacity: 5000
last updated: Tue 30th Jul 2019

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Sat 3rd, The Fortress(C) Alma
day TBC, The Circus(C) Ashnikko
day TBC, The Circus(C) BABii
day TBC, Goldmine(C) Becca D
Fri 2nd, The Circus(C) Black Honey
day TBC, The Circus(C) Blossom Caldarone
day TBC, Goldmine(C) Cardinal Sound
day TBC, Goldmine(C) Charlie Tee
Fri 2nd, The Circus(C) Childcare
day TBC, Goldmine(C) Chris Satta
Sat 3rd, Hooks Rock(C) Clt Drp
Thu 1st, The Beach(C) Craig Charles
Sat 3rd, The Fortress(C) Craig David's TS5
Fri 2nd, Goldmine(C) David Rodigan
Sat 3rd, Goldmine(C) DJ Luck & MC Neat
day TBC, Goldmine(C) DJ Sabz
Sat 3rd, Hooks Rock(C) Dream Wife
Fri 2nd, The Circus(C) Ed The Dog
day TBC, Goldmine(C) Epik Jones
day TBC, The Circus(C) Everyone You Know
Fri 2nd, The Circus(C) Family Fiction
Sat 3rd, The Fortress(C) Ferris & Sylvester
Fri 2nd, The Beach(C) Fleetmac Wood
day TBC, The Circus(C) Fling
Fri 2nd, Hooks Rock(C) FUR
Sat 3rd, The Fortress(C) Georgia
day TBC, The Beach(C) Good Life
Thu 1st, The Beach(C) Grandmaster Flash
Fri 2nd, Hooks Rock(C) Grenades
day TBC, Goldmine(C) Gully B
Fri 2nd, Hooks Rock(C) Guru
day TBC, Goldmine(C) Harriet Jaxxon
Fri 2nd, The Circus(C) Himalayas
day TBC, The Beach(C) Hot Slice
Sat 3rd, Hooks Rock(C) Husky Loops
Sat 3rd, The Circus(C) Indoor Pets
day TBC, Goldmine(C) Jazz E Beats
day TBC, Goldmine(C) Jojo Deevoy
day TBC, Goldmine(C) Junior T
day TBC, Goldmine(C) K More (live)
Fri 2nd, The Fortress(C) Keston Cobblers Club
Fri 2nd, Hooks Rock(C) Kid Kapichi
Fri 2nd, The Circus(C) Lauran Hibberd
day TBC, The Fortress(C) Lazy Day
day TBC, The Fortress(C) Lissy Taylor
Sat 3rd, The Circus(C) LUCIA
Fri 2nd, The Fortress(C) Lucy Spraggan
day TBC, The Circus(C) Luna Bay
day TBC, The Beach(C) Mike Skinner (DJ Set)
Fri 2nd, The Beach(C) MistaJam
Thu 1st, The Circus(C) Mystery Jets
Sat 3rd, The Circus(C) Only The Poets
day TBC, Goldmine(C) Party Barnes
day TBC, Goldmine(C) Patrick
Sat 3rd, The Fortress(C) Professor Green
day TBC, The Circus(C) Rose Gray
day TBC, The Fortress(C) Sam Calver
day TBC, The Beach(C) Sambattalion
day TBC, The Fortress(C) Sara
day TBC, The Fortress(C) Sarpa Salpa
Sat 3rd, Goldmine(C) Shy FX
Fri 2nd, The Fortress(C) Sleeper
Sat 3rd, The Circus(C) Sports Team
day TBC, The Circus(C) Squid
Fri 2nd, Goldmine(C) Stanton Warriors
day TBC, The Beach(C) Star.One
day TBC, Goldmine(C) Stormy J
Fri 2nd, Hooks Rock(C) Superlove
Fri 2nd, The Circus(C) Swimming Girls
Sat 3rd, The Circus(C) Swimming Tapes
Fri 2nd, Hooks Rock(C) Talk Show
Fri 2nd, The Circus(C) The Dunwells
Sat 3rd, The Fortress(C) The Futureheads
Fri 2nd, The Fortress(C) The She Street Band
Fri 2nd, The Fortress(C) The Vaccines
Fri 2nd, The Fortress(C) Tion Wayne
Fri 2nd, The Fortress(C) Tom Grennan
Sat 3rd, The Fortress(C) Too Many T's
Fri 2nd, The Circus(C) Walt Disco
day TBC, Goldmine(C) Wookie
day TBC, The Beach(C) Wookie

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

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