NASS 2019 line-up and rumours

Thursday 11th to Sunday 14th July 2019
Royal Bath and West Showground, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 6QN, England MAP
currently £140 adult 4-day with camping
daily capacity: 15000
last updated: Thu 11th Jul 2019

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Sat 13th, Southbank(C) 1991
Sun 14th, Warehouse(C) 24hr Garage Girls
day TBC, The Rec(C) A-Bee
day TBC, The Rec(C) Adam Berwick
Sat 13th, Main Stage(C) Akala
day TBC, The Rec(C) Alxzndr
Sat 13th, Main Stage(C) Ama Lou
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) Amen4Tekno
Fri 12th, The Box(C) Apex Resident DJs
Sat 13th, The Box(C) Apex Resident DJs
Sun 14th, The Box(C) Apex Resident DJs
day TBC, The Rec(C) Aristocrats Live
Fri 12th, Good Life(C) Articulate
Sun 14th, The Hangar(C) Audio Bullys
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) Audiomission
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) Badness
Sun 14th, Main Stage(C) Bare Jams
Fri 12th, The Lock In(C) Barely Legal
Sun 14th, Main Stage(C) Becky Hill
Sun 14th, Southbank(C) Benny L
day TBC, The Rec(C) Bethbethbeth
Sun 14th, Southbank(C) Blackley
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) Bomma B
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) Bonafyde
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) Booogieman
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) Born On Road
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Bou
day TBC, Renegade(C) Break
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) Brothers Of The Stone
Sat 13th, The Hangar(C) Bru C
Fri 12th, Good Life(C) Burno
Sat 13th, Good Life(C) Burno
Fri 12th, The Hangar(C) Bushbaby
Sun 14th, Southbank(C) Catalyst
Sun 14th, The Lock In(C) Champion & MC Serious
Sat 13th, Main Stage(C) Charlie Bowdery
day TBC, The Rec(C) Chief Rockas
Fri 12th, The Lock In(C) Chimpo
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Chimpo
Fri 12th, The Hangar(C) Conducta
Fri 12th, Southbank(C) Crisis
Fri 12th, Southbank(C) Crissy Criss
Sat 13th, The Hangar(C) Crucast Takeover
Sat 13th, Southbank(C) Culture Shock
Sun 14th, Main Stage(C) Cypress Hill
Fri 12th, The Lock In(C) D Double E
Sat 13th, Southbank(C) Daddy Earl
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) Daddy Skitz
day TBC, The Rec(C) Dance Off DJ's
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) Danja
Sat 13th, The Hangar(C) Darkzy
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) Deadbeat
Fri 12th, Main Stage(C) Degs
Sun 14th, Southbank(C) Delta Heavy
Fri 12th, Southbank(C) Designate
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) Devilman
Sat 13th, The Lock In(C) Devlin
Sat 13th, Warehouse(C) Die:Mantle
day TBC, Renegade(C) Dillinja (Jungle set)
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) Dizzle Kid
Sat 13th, Southbank(C) DJ Darko
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) DJ Dibz
Sat 13th, Southbank(C) DJ Hype & Hazard
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) Dj Looney
Fri 12th, Southbank(C) DJ Marky & GQ
Sun 14th, Main Stage(C) DJ Target
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Dj Tiiny
Sun 14th, The Hangar(C) Dj Zinc B2b Special Request
Sun 14th, Good Life(C) Doktor Zed
day TBC, Renegade(C) Dub Phizix & Strategy
day TBC, The Rec(C) Dutchie
Sat 13th, Main Stage(C) Dylan Cartlidge
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) Electrikal Sound System
Sun 14th, The Lock In(C) Elija & Skilliam
Sat 13th, Warehouse(C) Emerald
Fri 12th, Warehouse(C) Eyez
day TBC, Renegade(C) Fabio
day TBC, The Rec(C) Fat Frog
Sun 14th, Southbank(C) Felon
day TBC, The Rec(C) Fiend
day TBC, The Rec(C) Fingerfood
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) Fiyahman
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) Flash Harry
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) Fliptrix
Sun 14th, The Lock In(C) Footsie
Fri 12th, Warehouse(C) Forca
day TBC, The Rec(C) Freerange
Sat 13th, Warehouse(C) General Levy
Fri 12th, Main Stage(C) Giggs
day TBC, The Rec(C) Glume & Phossa
day TBC, The Rec(C) Gold Dubs
Sat 13th, Good Life(C) Good Life DJs
Sun 14th, Good Life(C) Good Life DJs
Fri 12th, Main Stage(C) Grandmaster Flash
Fri 12th, Main Stage(C) Griz
day TBC, The Rec(C) Guesswerk
day TBC, The Rec(C) Halcyonic & G Roots
Fri 12th, The Hangar(C) Hannah Wants
Sat 13th, Southbank(C) Hedex
Sat 13th, Main Stage(C) IAMDDB
Sat 13th, Southbank(C) IC3
day TBC, The Rec(C) Ickle
day TBC, The Rec(C) Ila Brugal
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Inja
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) IRAH
Sun 14th, Good Life(C) Jahmed
Fri 12th, Warehouse(C) Jay 0117
Sat 13th, The Lock In(C) Jaykae
Sun 14th, Main Stage(C) Jimothy
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) Jman
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Joe Burn
Sun 14th, The Lock In(C) Joker
Sun 14th, Warehouse(C) Jungle Warriors
Fri 12th, Good Life(C) Just William
Sat 13th, The Hangar(C) Kanine
day TBC, The Rec(C) Kaotik Kartel
day TBC, The Rec(C) Khanum
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) Killa P
Sun 14th, Southbank(C) Kings Of The Rollers
Sun 14th, Southbank(C) Klimax
Sun 14th, Main Stage(C) Kojey Radical
day TBC, The Rec(C) Koma
day TBC, The Rec(C) Kreed
day TBC, The Rec(C) Kryo
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) Kuedon
day TBC, unknown stage(C) L U C Y
Fri 12th, Main Stage(C) Lady Leshurr
day TBC, The Rec(C) Laurence Pocock
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Lazcru
day TBC, Renegade(C) Lenzman
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) Lezley D
day TBC, The Rec(C) Lionpulse
Sat 13th, The Lock In(C) Logan Sama
Sat 13th, Main Stage(C) Loyle Carner
Fri 12th, The Lock In(C) Madam X
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) Major#Bass
Fri 12th, Warehouse(C) Marcus Nasty
Sat 13th, Southbank(C) Matrix & Futurebound
Fri 12th, Main Stage(C) Maverick Sabre
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) Mayhem
day TBC, The Rec(C) MC Indra
day TBC, The Rec(C) Medis
day TBC, The Rec(C) Medis
Fri 12th, Warehouse(C) Mikey B
day TBC, The Rec(C) Mr K
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Mr Traumatik
Sat 13th, The Hangar(C) Mr Virgo
day TBC, The Rec(C) Murder Most Foul
day TBC, The Rec(C) Murma
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Musa
day TBC, The Rec(C) Muttley
day TBC, The Rec(C) Nakes
Fri 12th, Warehouse(C) Nastee Boi
day TBC, The Rec(C) Ngaio
Sat 13th, Warehouse(C) Nicky Blackmarket
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Nodb
Sun 14th, Warehouse(C) Notion
Fri 12th, The Lock In(C) Novelist
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) Off Me Nut
day TBC, The Rec(C) Opus
Sun 14th, The Lock In(C) P Money
Sun 14th, Southbank(C) Pendulum (DJ set)
Fri 12th, Southbank(C) Phibes
Fri 12th, The Lock In(C) President T
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Problem Central
day TBC, The Rec(C) Raggamuffin
Fri 12th, The Hangar(C) Ray Keith
Sat 13th, Good Life(C) Ray Von (disco set)
day TBC, The Rec(C) Real Roots
Fri 12th, The Hangar(C) Redlight
day TBC, The Rec(C) Roy Bar
Sun 14th, The Lock In(C) Royal-T
Sat 13th, The Lock In(C) Rude Kid
Sat 13th, Main Stage(C) Rudimental
day TBC, The Rec(C) Rygby
Sun 14th, Warehouse(C) Sammy Virji
Fri 12th, Southbank(C) SaSaSaS
day TBC, The Rec(C) Selkie
day TBC, The Rec(C) Sepia
day TBC, The Rec(C) Shak Out Sound
Sun 14th, The Hangar(C) Shapes
Fri 12th, The Lock In(C) Sicaria Sound
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Sick Records
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) Silk City Radio
Sat 13th, The Lock In(C) Sir Spyro
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) Skamma
Sat 13th, The Hangar(C) Skepsis
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) Smellington Piff
day TBC, The Rec(C) Smoov Squad
Sun 14th, Main Stage(C) Sneakbo
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) Snoopy Dubz
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) Sox
day TBC, Renegade(C) SpectraSoul
Sat 13th, Southbank(C) Starz & Deeza
day TBC, The Rec(C) Stil Bizzy
day TBC, The Rec(C) Subtle FM Crew: Buer
day TBC, The Rec(C) Supplya
Sun 14th, The Lock In(C) Swindle (DJ set)
Sat 13th, Warehouse(C) Swing Ting & Fox
Sat 13th, Main Stage(C) The Four Owls
day TBC, The Rec(C) The Greys
Sun 14th, Warehouse(C) The Heatwave
Fri 12th, Main Stage(C) The Skints
Fri 12th, Main Stage(C) The Stalks
Sun 14th, Main Stage(C) Tom Misch
Fri 12th, Main Stage(C) Too Many T's
Sat 13th, Southbank(C) Traumatik
Sat 13th, Warehouse(C) Traumatik
day TBC, The Rec(C) Triplex
Sat 13th, The Hangar(C) TS7
Fri 12th, Southbank(C) Turno
Fri 12th, Southbank(C) Unglued
day TBC, The Rec(C) Unkey
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) Verb T
day TBC, The Rec(C) Vrbl Showcase
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Vs Verses
Sat 13th, The Hangar(C) Window Kid
day TBC, The Rec(C) Winengrime
Sun 14th, The Hangar(C) WittyBoy
Fri 12th, Good Life(C) Wonka
Sat 13th, Good Life(C) Wonka
day TBC, Sika Studios(C) Wordlife
Sun 14th, The Hangar(C) Youngman
Fri 12th, Main Stage(C) Yxng Bane

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

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