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Friday 9th to Sunday 11th June 2006
Donington Park, Leics, England MAP
3 days £115, with camping £135; parking £5 (in advance); campervans £35
last updated: Wed 24th May 2006

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Sat 10th, Gibson/ Stage(C) 10 Years
Sun 11th, Main Stage(C) 36 Crazyfists
Sat 10th, Gibson/ Stage(C) :(
Sun 11th, Snickers Stage(C) Aiden
Sun 11th, Snickers Stage(C) Alexisonfire
Sat 10th, Main Stage(C) Alice in Chains
Fri 9th, Snickers Stage(C) All-American Rejects
Sat 10th, Snickers Stage(C) Alter Bridge
Fri 9th, Main Stage(C) Amplifier
Fri 9th, Gibson/ Stage(C) Animalalpha
Sat 10th, Main Stage(C) Arch Enemy
Fri 9th, Gibson/ Stage(C) Art of Dying
Fri 9th, Snickers Stage(C) Atreyu
Sat 10th, Main Stage(C) Avenged Sevenfold
Fri 9th, Gibson/ Stage(C) Backyard Babies
Sun 11th, Snickers Bowl(C) Betty Curse
Sat 10th, Snickers Stage(C) Billy Talent
Fri 9th, Snickers Stage(C) Bleeding Through
Sun 11th, Gibson/ Stage(C) Blindside
Sat 10th, Main Stage(C) Bloodsimple
Sun 11th, Main Stage(C) Breed 77
Sun 11th, Gibson/ Stage(C) Bring Me The Horizon
Sun 11th, Main Stage(C) Bullet For My Valentine
Fri 9th, Gibson/ Stage(C) Bullets & Octane
Fri 9th, Gibson/ Stage(C) Cathedral
Fri 9th, Snickers Stage(C) Clutch
Fri 9th, Main Stage(C) Coheed & Cambria
Sun 11th, Main Stage(C) Cradle of Filth
Sun 11th, Gibson/ Stage(C) Darkest Hour
Fri 9th, Main Stage(C) Deftones
Sat 10th, Snickers Stage(C) DevilDriver
Sun 11th, Main Stage(C) Dragonforce
Fri 9th, Snickers Stage(C) Dredg
Sun 11th, Snickers Stage(C) Eighteen Visions
Fri 9th, Gibson/ Stage(C) Engerica
Fri 9th, Gibson/ Stage(C) Enter Shikari
Sun 11th, Snickers Bowl(C) Evergrey
Sat 10th, Gibson/ Stage(C) Exit Ten
Sun 11th, Snickers Stage(C) Fightstar
Fri 9th, Snickers Stage(C) Fishbone
Sat 10th, Gibson/ Stage(C) Flyleaf
Sun 11th, Snickers Stage(C) From First To Last
Sun 11th, Main Stage(C) Funeral For A Friend
Fri 9th, Snickers Bowl(C) Gay For Johnny Depp
Sat 10th, Snickers Bowl(C) Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly
Sat 10th, Snickers Bowl(C) getAmped
Fri 9th, Gibson/ Stage(C) Ginger & The Sonic Circus
Sun 11th, Snickers Stage(C) God Forbid
Fri 9th, Snickers Stage(C) Gojira
Sun 11th, Main Stage(C) Guns N' Roses
Sun 11th, Main Stage(C) Hatebreed
Sat 10th, Snickers Stage(C) Henry Rollins
Sun 11th, Snickers Stage(C) Hundred Reasons
Sun 11th, Gibson/ Stage(C) I-Def-I
Sun 11th, Main Stage(C) In Flames
Fri 9th, Snickers Stage(C) InMe
Sat 10th, Gibson/ Stage(C) It Dies Today
Sat 10th, Snickers Stage(C) Johnny Truant
Fri 9th, Snickers Bowl(C) Keiko
Sat 10th, Snickers Stage(C) Khoma
Sat 10th, Gibson/ Stage(C) Killing Joke
Sat 10th, Main Stage(C) Korn
Sun 11th, Main Stage(C) Lacuna Coil
Sun 11th, Gibson/ Stage(C) Lauren Harris
Sat 10th, Gibson/ Stage(C) Living Things
Sun 11th, Gibson/ Stage(C) Lordi
Sat 10th, Gibson/ Stage(C) Louie
Sat 10th, Gibson/ Stage(C) Manic
Sun 11th, Gibson/ Stage(C) Mendeed
Sat 10th, Main Stage(C) Metallica
Sat 10th, Gibson/ Stage(C) Mondo Generator
Sun 11th, Gibson/ Stage(C) Moneen
day TBC, unknown stage(R) Motley Crue
Fri 9th, Gibson/ Stage(C) My Awesome Compilation
Sat 10th, Snickers Stage(C) Opeth
Sat 10th, Gibson/ Stage(C) Reuben
Sat 10th, Main Stage(C) Satyricon
Sat 10th, Snickers Stage(C) Secret Machines
Sun 11th, Gibson/ Stage(C) Sick of it All
Sat 10th, Snickers Stage(C) SikTh
Fri 9th, Snickers Bowl(C) Sintuition
Sun 11th, Gibson/ Stage(C) Skindred
Fri 9th, Main Stage(C) Soil
Sun 11th, Snickers Stage(C) Soilwork
Fri 9th, Main Stage(C) Soulfly
Sat 10th, Main Stage(C) Stone Sour
Sat 10th, Gibson/ Stage(C) Stonegard
Fri 9th, Main Stage(C) Strapping Young Lad
Sun 11th, Gibson/ Stage(C) Street Light Youth
Fri 9th, Gibson/ Stage(C) The Audition
Sat 10th, Snickers Bowl(C) The Hedrons
day TBC, unknown stage(R) The Offspring
Sun 11th, Snickers Stage(C) The Prodigy
Sat 10th, Gibson/ Stage(C) This Is Menace
Fri 9th, Snickers Stage(C) Throwdown
Fri 9th, Main Stage(C) Tool
Sat 10th, Main Stage(C) Trivium
Sun 11th, Snickers Bowl(C) Viking Skull
Sun 11th, Gibson/ Stage(C) Voodoo 6
Fri 9th, Main Stage(C) Wicked Wisdom
Sun 11th, Gibson/ Stage(C) Winterville
Sat 10th, Snickers Stage(C) Within Temptation
Sun 11th, Snickers Stage(C) Zebrahead
Sun 11th, Gibson/ Stage(C) Zico Chain

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

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