Cambridge Folk Festival 2018 line-up and rumours

Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th August 2018
Cherry Hinton Hall Grounds, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB1 8DW, England MAP
£175.50 for the weekend
daily capacity: 10000
last updated: Tue 24th Jul 2018

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Thu 2nd, The Den(TBC) Special Guests
Sat 4th, stage 2(TBC) Special Guests
Sat 4th, Club Tent(C) A K Patterson
Fri 3rd, The Den(C) Alice Phelps
Sun 5th, main stage(C) All Our Exes Live in Texas
Sat 4th, The Den(C) Amy & The Calamities
Sat 4th, stage 2(C) Amythyst Kiah
Sun 5th, The Den(C) August And After
Fri 3rd, stage 2(C) Banter
Fri 3rd, The Den(C) Bella Collins
Sun 5th, Club Tent(C) Bernard Hoskin
Sun 5th, stage 2(C) Beth Nielsen Chapman
Sun 5th, stage 2(C) Birds of Chicago
Fri 3rd, Club Tent(C) Brian McNeill
Sat 4th, stage 2(C) Brian McNeill
Fri 3rd, main stage(C) Brighde Chaimbeul
Fri 3rd, Club Tent(C) Brighde Chaimbeul
Fri 3rd, The Den(C) Carousel
Fri 3rd, Club Tent(C) Chris Fox
Thu 2nd, The Den(C) Dan Bettridge
Sat 4th, Club Tent(C) Daoiri Farrell
Sun 5th, main stage(C) Daoiri Farrell
Sat 4th, main stage(C) Darlingside
Sun 5th, Club Tent(C) David Savage
Sun 5th, stage 2(C) Edgelarks
Sun 5th, Club Tent(C) Edgelarks
Sat 4th, main stage(C) Elephant Sessions
Fri 3rd, The Den(C) Ellie Dixon
Sat 4th, main stage(C) Eric Bibb
Sat 4th, Club Tent(C) Feis Rois
Sun 5th, The Den(C) Fellow Pynins
Sun 5th, The Den(C) Ferris & Sylvester
Fri 3rd, main stage(C) First Aid Kit
Fri 3rd, Club Tent(C) Freddie Hall
Fri 3rd, The Den(C) Georgie
Thu 2nd, stage 2(C) Grace Petrie
Fri 3rd, Club Tent(C) Granny's Attic
Sun 5th, Club Tent(C) Granny's Attic
Sat 4th, The Den(C) Hazey Jane
Sun 5th, Club Tent(C) Hickory Signals
Fri 3rd, The Den(C) History and Lore
Sat 4th, stage 2(C) HoneyFeet
Thu 2nd, The Den(C) Hot Rock Pilgrims
Sat 4th, The Den(C) Ian George
Fri 3rd, Club Tent(C) Irish Mythen
Sat 4th, stage 2(C) Irish Mythen
Sun 5th, main stage(C) Irish Mythen
Sat 4th, The Den(C) Jack Parker
Sun 5th, main stage(C) Janis Ian
Sat 4th, stage 2(C) John Moreland
Sun 5th, main stage(C) John Prine
Fri 3rd, stage 2(C) John Smith Trio
Sun 5th, main stage(C) Kaia Kater
Sun 5th, main stage(C) Kate Rusby & Friends
Sat 4th, Club Tent(C) Katy Spencer
Sat 4th, Club Tent(C) Kevin Hunt
Thu 2nd, Club Tent(C) Kinnaris Quintet
Fri 3rd, stage 2(C) Kinnaris Quintet
Sat 4th, The Den(C) Kiol
Sun 5th, Club Tent(C) Lizzie J Taylor
Sat 4th, The Den(C) LOZT
Thu 2nd, Club Tent(C) Luke Daniels
Sat 4th, Club Tent(C) Mark Lang
Fri 3rd, main stage(C) Marlon Williams
Fri 3rd, Club Tent(C) Max Bianco
Fri 3rd, The Den(C) Meaghan Blanchard
Sat 4th, Club Tent(C) Medoly Causton
Sun 5th, stage 2(C) Mera Royle
Sun 5th, The Den(C) Mera Royle
Thu 2nd, Club Tent(C) Mike Wilton
Fri 3rd, stage 2(C) Moore Moss Rutter
Fri 3rd, stage 2(C) Morganway
Sun 5th, The Den(C) O&O
Sat 4th, main stage(C) Patti Smith & her band
Sat 4th, Club Tent(C) Paul Christophersen
Sat 4th, Club Tent(C) Paul McClure
Sun 5th, main stage(C) Peatbog Faeries
Fri 3rd, main stage(C) Peggy Seeger
Thu 2nd, Club Tent(C) Peter Buckley Hill
Fri 3rd, stage 2(C) Pierce Brothers
Sun 5th, Club Tent(C) Polly Paulusma
Sun 5th, Club Tent(C) Punk Floyd
Sun 5th, Club Tent(C) Rambling Valentines
Fri 3rd, stage 2(C) Relentless
Sat 4th, Club Tent(C) Revelation Brothers
Sat 4th, main stage(C) Rhiannon Giddens
Sun 5th, Club Tent(C) Rhiannon Giddens
Sun 5th, stage 2(C) Robert Vincent
Sun 5th, Club Tent(C) Robin Gillan
Fri 3rd, Club Tent(C) Rosalie's Lover
Fri 3rd, stage 2(C) Rosanne Cash
Sun 5th, The Den(C) Sarah Munro
Sat 4th, Club Tent(C) Saul Bailey
Sun 5th, The Den(C) Sivu
Sat 4th, Club Tent(C) Solasta
Fri 3rd, main stage(C) Songhoy Blues
Sun 5th, Club Tent(C) Sound Tradition
Sat 4th, main stage(C) Stick in the Wheel
Fri 3rd, The Den(C) Stillhouse
Thu 2nd, stage 2(C) Swamptruck
Sat 4th, stage 2(C) The East Pointers
Sun 5th, Club Tent(C) The Hub Band Project
Thu 2nd, The Den(C) The Luck
Sat 4th, main stage(C) The Poozies
Sat 4th, main stage(C) The Shackleton Trio
Sat 4th, main stage(C) The Shee
Sat 4th, Club Tent(C) The Shee
Fri 3rd, Club Tent(C) Three Years Younger
Fri 3rd, Club Tent(C) Thursday's Band
Fri 3rd, Club Tent(C) Vera Van Heeringen
Fri 3rd, stage 2(C) Vishten
Thu 2nd, stage 2(C) Whiskey Shivers
Sun 5th, stage 2(C) William Crighton
Sun 5th, stage 2(C) Yola Carter
Sat 4th, The Den(C) Zoe Wren

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Cambridge Folk Festival 2018
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Cambridge Folk Festival 2018
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