Camp Bestival 2018 line-up and rumours

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Lulworth Castle, Lulworth, Dorset, BH20 5QS, England MAP
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£197.50 for the weekend
daily capacity: 10000
last updated: Tue 19th Jun 2018

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour
(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

day TBC, unknown stage(C) 77.78
day TBC, Caravanserai(C) Acoustic Disco
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Adam French
Sat 28th, unknown stage(C) Altern-8
Sun 29th, unknown stage(C) Andrew Maxwell
Sat 28th, Bollywood(C) Baker & Beale
Sat 28th, Caravanserai(C) Balkanoes
Sat 28th, Bollywood(C) Basement Jaxx (DJ set)
Sun 29th, unknown stage(C) Beans on Toast
Sat 28th, unknown stage(C) Big Fish Little Fish
Sun 29th, unknown stage(C) Big Fish Little Fish
Sat 28th, unknown stage(C) Billy Daniel Bunter
day TBC, Pig's Big Ballroom(C) Black Kat Boppers
day TBC, Caravanserai(C) Bring Back The Wolf
Sun 29th, unknown stage(C) Britpop Brass
day TBC, Pig's Big Ballroom(C) Brother Graham's Hayride
day TBC, Caravanserai(C) Buffos Wake
day TBC, Pig's Big Ballroom(C) Chloe and Gianni
Fri 27th, Bollywood(C) Chris Liberator
Fri 27th, unknown stage(C) Chris Wood
day TBC, Caravanserai(C) Cirque Bijou
Sat 28th, Castle Stage(C) Clean Bandit
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Dapper Dan
day TBC, Caravanserai(C) Dat Brass
Sun 29th, unknown stage(C) Dave Johns
Fri 27th, unknown stage(C) David Rodigan
Sat 28th, unknown stage(C) Declan McKenna
Sat 28th, unknown stage(C) Dick & Dom
Thu 26th, Caravanserai(C) DJ Chris Tofu
day TBC, Pig's Big Ballroom(C) DJ Duncan Gunn
Sat 28th, unknown stage(C) DJ Faydz
Sun 29th, unknown stage(C) DJ getbacktothebeat
day TBC, Pig's Big Ballroom(C) DJ GG
Sun 29th, Caravanserai(C) DJ Hiphoppapotamus
day TBC, Pig's Big Ballroom(C) DJ Li'l Miss Lonesome
Sat 28th, Caravanserai(C) DJ Ludec
day TBC, Pig's Big Ballroom(C) DJ Mr Jules
Sat 28th, Caravanserai(C) DJ Penny Metal
day TBC, Caravanserai(C) DJ Penny Metal's Polka Party
day TBC, Caravanserai(C) DJ Steffee Pants
Fri 27th, Caravanserai(C) DJ Toxic
Sat 28th, unknown stage(C) DJ Vibes
Fri 27th, unknown stage(C) dodie
Sat 28th, unknown stage(C) Dub Pistols
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Elvana: Elvis Fronted Nirvana
Sun 29th, unknown stage(C) English Disco Lovers
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Everything Imagined
Sat 28th, Caravanserai(C) Faith I Branko
Sat 28th, unknown stage(C) Fat Controller
Fri 27th, unknown stage(C) Fearne Cotton
day TBC, Pig's Big Ballroom(C) Fred's House
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Funky Little Choir
Sat 28th, unknown stage(C) Grace Carter
day TBC, Pig's Big Ballroom(C) Greg's Greats
day TBC, Caravanserai(C) Guns of Navarone
Fri 27th, unknown stage(C) Hak Baker
Fri 27th, Bollywood(C) High Eight
day TBC, Caravanserai(C) Hoedown Remix
Fri 27th, unknown stage(C) Huey Morgan's NYC Block Party
day TBC, Pig's Big Ballroom(C) It's a Wind-up
Sun 29th, unknown stage(C) Jade Bird
Fri 27th, unknown stage(C) Jaguar Skills
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Jane Weaver
Sat 28th, unknown stage(C) Jesus Jones
day TBC, unknown stage(C) jim8track
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Joe Muggs
day TBC, Caravanserai(C) Junior Jungle
Sat 28th, unknown stage(C) Justin Fletcher aka Mr Tumble
day TBC, Caravanserai(C) Kings Gambit
Sat 28th, unknown stage(C) Liquid (live)
Fri 27th, Bollywood(C) Little My
day TBC, Pig's Big Ballroom(C) Lost Revellers
Sun 29th, Bollywood(C) Mark Archer
day TBC, Caravanserai(C) Miss Kiddy and The Cads
Sat 28th, unknown stage(C) Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer
day TBC, Pig's Big Ballroom(C) Ms Chameleon's Mechanical Melodies
Fri 27th, Caravanserai(C) Nose Bleed
Sat 28th, Caravanserai(C) Oh My God! It's The Church
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Opus Kink
Sun 29th, Big Top(C) Orbital
day TBC, Pig's Big Ballroom(C) Paul McCaffrey
day TBC, Caravanserai(C) Pete Caravanserai & Friends
Fri 27th, unknown stage(C) Pop Will Eat Itself
day TBC, Caravanserai(C) Pronghorn
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Rae Morris
Sat 28th, unknown stage(C) Raindance
Fri 27th, Castle Stage(C) Rick Astley
Sun 29th, Caravanserai(C) Samba Jungle
Fri 27th, unknown stage(C) Scratch Perverts & Mateo
Sun 29th, unknown stage(C) Sean Lock
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Shadow Child
Sun 29th, unknown stage(C) Shed Seven
Sun 29th, Castle Stage(C) Simple Minds
Fri 27th, unknown stage(C) Skatalites
Sun 29th, Caravanserai(C) Sounds of the Tropical Remix
Sat 28th, unknown stage(C) Stereo MC's
Fri 27th, Caravanserai(C) Still Hate Thatcher Live
day TBC, Caravanserai(C) Swing Zazou
day TBC, Caravanserai(C) Tal National
day TBC, Pig's Big Ballroom(C) Terrifying Travelling Tipsy Termites
Fri 27th, unknown stage(C) The Cuban Brothers
day TBC, unknown stage(C) The Curious
day TBC, unknown stage(C) The Lovely Eggs
Sun 29th, unknown stage(C) The Undertones
day TBC, Caravanserai(C) Thrill Collins
Sat 28th, unknown stage(C) Tokio Myers
day TBC, Pig's Big Ballroom(C) Tony Tunes
Sun 29th, Caravanserai(C) Tropical Bass
Sat 28th, unknown stage(C) Uncle Dugs
Sun 29th, Caravanserai(C) Vibe Roulette
day TBC, Pig's Big Ballroom(C) Vote Pedro
day TBC, Caravanserai(C) Zoot Zazou

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