Latitude 2021 line-up and rumours

Thursday 22nd to Sunday 25th July 2021
Henham Park Estate, Beccles, Suffolk, NR34 8AN, England MAP
currently £210 for the weekend
daily capacity: 35000
last updated: Mon 28th Jun 2021

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Abigoliah Schamaun
day TBC, BBC Sounds Stage(C) Akala
day TBC, Obelisk Arena(C) Alfie Templeman
day TBC, Arts(C) Andrew O Hagan
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Ania Magliano
day TBC, BBC Sounds Stage(C) Anna Meredith
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Arabs Are Not Funny
day TBC, BBC Sounds Stage(C) Arlo Parks
day TBC, The Alcove(C) AVAWaves
day TBC, Sunrise Arena(C) Bad Sounds
day TBC, Arts(C) Bakita Kasadha
Sun 25th, Obelisk Arena(C) Bastille
day TBC, Sunrise Arena(C) bdrmm
day TBC, Obelisk Arena(C) Beabadoobee
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Bella Hull
day TBC, BBC Sounds Stage(C) Big Joanie
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Big Shop
Sun 25th, Obelisk Arena(C) Bill Bailey
day TBC, Obelisk Arena(C) Billie Marten
day TBC, Sunrise Arena(C) Black Honey
Sun 25th, Obelisk Arena(C) Bombay Bicycle Club
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Britney
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Buttoned Down Disco
day TBC, Arts(C) Charlie Mackesy
day TBC, The Alcove(C) Charlotte Jane
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Christopher Bliss
day TBC, The Alcove(C) Chubby & The Gang
day TBC, Sunrise Arena(C) Cmat
day TBC, Sunrise Arena(C) Colin Macleod
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Daliso Chaponda
Sat 24th, Waterfront Stage(C) Damon Albarn
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) David Morgan
day TBC, Obelisk Arena(C) Declan McKenna
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Disco Shed
day TBC, BBC Sounds Stage(C) Dream Wife
day TBC, Sunrise Arena(C) Dry Cleaning
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Duckie
day TBC, The Alcove(C) Emily Burns
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Erika Ehler
day TBC, Arts(C) Esther Freud
day TBC, Sunrise Arena(C) Fake Laugh
day TBC, Sunrise Arena(C) Fenne Lily
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Flo & Joan
day TBC, BBC Sounds Stage(C) Fontaines D.C.
day TBC, Sunrise Arena(C) Gabe Coulter
day TBC, Arts(C) Giles Deacon
day TBC, Live Podcasts(C) Girls On Film
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Glenn Moore
day TBC, Sunrise Arena(C) Goat Girl
day TBC, Sunrise Arena(C) Gracey
day TBC, Sunrise Arena(C) Greentea Peng
day TBC, Obelisk Arena(C) Griff
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Guilty Pleasures
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Helen Bauer
day TBC, Arts(C) Henry J. Kamara
day TBC, BBC Sounds Stage(C) Holly Humberstone
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Hospital Rooms
day TBC, BBC Sounds Stage(C) Hot Chip
day TBC, Live Podcasts(C) Insane In The Men Brain
day TBC, Obelisk Arena(C) James Vincent McMorrow
day TBC, Obelisk Arena(C) JC Stewart
day TBC, Live Podcasts(C) Jenny Eclair and Judith Holder
day TBC, Arts(C) Jess Phillips MP
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Jessica Fostekew
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Jo Brand
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Joanne McNally
day TBC, The Alcove(C) Joe Armon-Jones
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Joel Dommett
day TBC, Sunrise Arena(C) Joesef
day TBC, The Alcove(C) Julia Bardo
day TBC, Sunrise Arena(C) Just Mustard
day TBC, Obelisk Arena(C) Kaiser Chiefs
day TBC, Arts(C) Kate Moss
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Katherine Ryan
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Katie Pritchard
day TBC, Obelisk Arena(C) Kawala
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Kerry Godliman
day TBC, Live Podcasts(C) Kimberly Wilson
day TBC, Arts(C) Laura Bates
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Laura Smyth
day TBC, BBC Sounds Stage(C) Lava La Rue
day TBC, Arts(C) Leone Ross
day TBC, The Alcove(C) Liz Lawrence
day TBC, Sunrise Arena(C) Lola Young
day TBC, BBC Sounds Stage(C) Los Bitchos
day TBC, BBC Sounds Stage(C) Lucia and the Best Boys
day TBC, Sunrise Arena(C) Lucy Blue
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Luisa Omielan
day TBC, Sunrise Arena(C) Luke La Volpe
day TBC, Arts(C) Luke Wright
day TBC, Obelisk Arena(C) Lynks
day TBC, BBC Sounds Stage(C) Lyra
day TBC, Obelisk Arena(C) Mabel
day TBC, Sunrise Arena(C) Mae Muller
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Maisie Adams
day TBC, Obelisk Arena(C) Maisie Peters
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Mamoun Elagab
day TBC, Live Podcasts(C) Mark Kermode
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Mark Watson
day TBC, Sunrise Arena(C) Martha Hill
day TBC, The Alcove(C) Me Rex
day TBC, Sunrise Arena(C) Mega
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Micky Overman
day TBC, Live Podcasts(C) My Mate Bought A Toaster
day TBC, Obelisk Arena(C) Nadia Rose
day TBC, The Alcove(C) Nayana Iz
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Nina Conti
day TBC, Live Podcasts(C) Nina Conti and Shenoah Allen
day TBC, BBC Sounds Stage(C) Nubya Garcia
day TBC, Sunrise Arena(C) Oklou
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Olga Koch
day TBC, Sunrise Arena(C) Orla Gartland
day TBC, Sunrise Arena(C) Phoebe AXA
day TBC, The Alcove(C) Powerplant
day TBC, BBC Sounds Stage(C) Priya Ragu
day TBC, The Alcove(C) PVA
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Raj Poojara
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Ray Of Light
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Reginald D Hunter
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Rich Hall
day TBC, Obelisk Arena(C) Rick Astley
Sat 24th, Obelisk Arena(C) Rudimental
day TBC, Live Podcasts(C) Say Why To Drugs
day TBC, Arts(C) Scarlett Curtis
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Scott Bennett
day TBC, Obelisk Arena(C) Sea Girls
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Shack
day TBC, BBC Sounds Stage(C) Shame
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Shazia Mirza
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Simon Amstell
day TBC, The Alcove(C) Sinead O'Brien
day TBC, BBC Sounds Stage(C) Sons of Kemet
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) Sophie Duker
day TBC, Sunrise Arena(C) Sorry
day TBC, BBC Sounds Stage(C) Squid
day TBC, Sunrise Arena(C) Stephen Fretwell
Sat 24th, Obelisk Arena(C) Supergrass
day TBC, The Alcove(C) Swim School
day TBC, Arts(C) Terri White
Sat 24th, Obelisk Arena(C) The Chemical Brothers (live)
day TBC, Comedy Arena(C) The Comedy Store
day TBC, The Alcove(C) The Cool Greenhouse
day TBC, Sunrise Arena(C) The Goa Express
day TBC, The Alcove(C) The Golden Dregs
day TBC, BBC Sounds Stage(C) The Longest Johns
day TBC, Live Podcasts(C) The Poetry Exchange
day TBC, Sunrise Arena(C) The Snuts
day TBC, BBC Sounds Stage(C) The Staves
day TBC, BBC Sounds Stage(C) Tim Burgess
day TBC, The Alcove(C) Vanity Fairy
day TBC, BBC Sounds Stage(C) Villagers
day TBC, The Alcove(C) Vlure
day TBC, The Alcove(C) Wet Leg
day TBC, BBC Sounds Stage(C) Willie J Healey
Fri 23rd, Obelisk Arena(C) Wolf Alice
day TBC, Sunrise Arena(C) Working Men's Club

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour
(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour
(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour
(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

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