Kendal Calling 2019 line-up and rumours

Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th July 2019
Lowther Deer Park, Hackthorpe, Cumbria, CA10 2HN, England MAP
£145 weekend
daily capacity: 25000
last updated: Tue 9th Jul 2019

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

day TBC, Carvetti(C) Aaliyah Esprit
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Allyson June Smith
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Alun Cochrane
Sat 27th, Calling Out(C) Ambition
Thu 25th, Chai Wallah(C) Amy True
Fri 26th, Chai Wallah(C) Annie Mcluckie
Sun 28th, Calling Out(C) Apre
Fri 26th, Main Stage(C) Arkells
Sat 27th, Calling Out(C) Average Joe
Sat 27th, Tim Peaks(C) Average Sex
Fri 26th, Main Stage(C) Badly Drawn Boy
Sun 28th, Calling Out(C) Balcony
Sun 28th, Houseparty(C) Band of Hope
Fri 26th, Houseparty(C) Bands FC Quiz
Fri 26th, Houseparty(C) Bands FC Takeover
Fri 26th, Glow Tent(C) Barely Legal
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Barry Dodds
Fri 26th, Yam Riot(C) Barry Postlethwaite
Sun 28th, Yam Riot(C) Beachmaster
Fri 26th, Main Stage(C) Beans on Toast
Fri 26th, Tim Peaks(C) Beckis Choir
Sun 28th, Tim Peaks(C) Beckis Choir
Sun 28th, Tim Peaks(C) Bella Union Takeover
Sat 27th, Yam Riot(C) Bethlehem Casuals
Sun 28th, Woodlands(C) Billy Mitchell
Sun 28th, Woodlands Stage(C) Billy Mitchell
Sun 28th, Chai Wallah(C) Binbag Wisdom
Fri 26th, Houseparty(C) Bis
Sun 28th, Calling Out(C) Black Futures
Sun 28th, Woodlands(C) Blanketman
Sun 28th, Woodlands Stage(C) Blanketman
Fri 26th, Calling Out(C) Blood Red Shoes
Fri 26th, Chai Wallah(C) Blow 3.0
Sat 27th, Main Stage(C) Brassic Park
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Brendon Burns
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Brennan Reece
Fri 26th, Houseparty(C) Brian Cannon Talk
Sun 28th, Yam Riot(C) Brocken Spectre
Fri 26th, Yam Riot(C) Broken 3 Ways
Sat 27th, Chai Wallah(C) Broken Brass Ensemble
Sat 27th, Yam Riot(C) Building Giants
Fri 26th, Woodlands(C) Calva Louise
Fri 26th, Woodlands Stage(C) Calva Louise
Sun 28th, Yam Riot(C) Canada Square
Sat 27th, Calling Out(C) Cassia
Sat 27th, Yam Riot(C) Celestial North
Fri 26th, Main Stage(C) Chic featuring Nile Rodgers
Sun 28th, Woodlands Stage(C) Chris Greig & The Merchants
Fri 26th, Glow Tent(C) Chris Lorenzo
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Chris Washington
Sat 27th, Glow Tent(C) Cinthie
Sat 27th, Tim Peaks(C) Clare Nasir Weather
Sun 28th, Houseparty(C) Clint Boon (DJ Set)
Fri 26th, Tim Peaks(C) Cobain Jones
Sat 27th, Chai Wallah(C) CoCo and the Butterfields
day TBC, Carvetti(C) Cold Callers
Fri 26th, Yam Riot(C) Colt 45
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Comedy House Party
Sun 28th, Yam Riot(C) Cosmic Cat
Sun 28th, Main Stage(C) Courteeners
Sat 27th, Woodlands(C) Courtyards
Sat 27th, Woodlands Stage(C) Courtyards
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Dan Nightingale
Sun 28th, Chai Wallah(C) Dan Webster
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Danny Deegan
Sun 28th, Glow Tent(C) Danny Howard
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Danny McLoughlin
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Danny Sutcliffe
Fri 26th, Glow Tent(C) Darkzy
Fri 26th, Houseparty(C) Dave Haslam
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Dave Williams
day TBC, Soapbox(C) David Longley
Sun 28th, Chai Wallah(C) De-tronic
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Delightful Sausage
Sat 27th, Houseparty(C) Delights
Sun 28th, Calling Out(C) Dermot Kennedy
Sat 27th, Chai Wallah(C) Diplomats
Fri 26th, Houseparty(C) Dirty Laces
day TBC, Carvetti(C) DJ Mayeva
Sun 28th, Main Stage(C) Don Broco
Sat 27th, Main Stage(C) Doves
day TBC, Carvetti(C) Dr Louise Atkinson
Sat 27th, Calling Out(C) Dream Wife
Fri 26th, Yam Riot(C) Droll Man
Sat 27th, Calling Out(C) Easy Life
Fri 26th, Woodlands(C) Ed The Dog
Fri 26th, Woodlands Stage(C) Ed The Dog
day TBC, Carvetti(C) El Condor
day TBC, Carvetti(C) Electronic Empires
Sat 27th, Houseparty(C) Eliza and The Bear
Sun 28th, Yam Riot(C) Eliza Gutteridge
Sun 28th, Glow Tent(C) Ellie Cocks
Fri 26th, Chai Wallah(C) Emily Capell
Fri 26th, Yam Riot(C) False Flags
Sat 27th, Woodlands(C) Fleetmac Wood
Sat 27th, Woodlands Stage(C) Fleetmac Wood
day TBC, Soapbox(C) George Rigden
Sat 27th, Main Stage(C) Gerry Cinnamon
Sun 28th, Woodlands(C) Giant Rooks
Sun 28th, Woodlands Stage(C) Giant Rooks
Sat 27th, Yam Riot(C) Glass Phantoms
Sun 28th, Woodlands(C) Goldie Lookin Chain
Sun 28th, Woodlands Stage(C) Goldie Lookin Chain
Thu 25th, Main Stage(C) Gomez
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Gospeloke
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Hal Cruttenden
Fri 26th, Woodlands(C) Hands Off Gretel
Fri 26th, Woodlands Stage(C) Hands Off Gretel
Sat 27th, Yam Riot(C) Hardwicke Circus
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Harriet Dyer
Fri 26th, Glow Tent(C) Harriet Jaxxon
Sat 27th, Houseparty(C) Hello Cosmos
Sun 28th, Houseparty(C) Hey Bulldog
Fri 26th, Glow Tent(C) High Contrast (DJ Set)
Fri 26th, Yam Riot(C) Holiday
Sat 27th, Houseparty(C) Howling Rhythm
Sat 27th, Calling Out(C) IDLES
Sun 28th, Yam Riot(C) Indigo Youth
day TBC, Soapbox(C) James Meehan
Sun 28th, Glow Tent(C) Jax Jones (DJ Set)
Sat 27th, Glow Tent(C) Jay Carder
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Jenny Collier
Sat 27th, Yam Riot(C) Jeramiah Ferrari
day TBC, Carvetti(C) Jerome Thomas
Fri 26th, Yam Riot(C) Jiggy Beast
Sat 27th, Chai Wallah(C) Joe Fleming Band
day TBC, Soapbox(C) John Hastings
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Josh Widdicombe
Sat 27th, Woodlands(C) Jumanji
Sat 27th, Woodlands Stage(C) Jumanji
Fri 26th, Glow Tent(C) Jungle Warriors
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Junior Simpson
Fri 26th, Calling Out(C) Juniore
Sat 27th, Houseparty(C) Jurassic Party
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Justin Moorhouse
Thu 25th, Chai Wallah(C) K.O.G & the Zongo Brigade
Sat 27th, Chai Wallah(C) Kadija Kamara
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Karen Bayley
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Kate Lucas
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Katie Mulgrew
Sun 28th, Tim Peaks(C) Keel Her
Sun 28th, Tim Peaks(C) Keeley Forsyth
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Keith Carter
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Kieran Lawless
Sat 27th, Glow Tent(C) Krystal Klear
Sat 27th, Main Stage(C) KT Tunstall
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Kunst Kabaret
Fri 26th, Yam Riot(C) Kveis
Fri 26th, Calling Out(C) Kyle Falconer
Fri 26th, Woodlands(C) Last Of The Wonderkids
Fri 26th, Woodlands Stage(C) Last Of The Wonderkids
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Laura Lexx
Fri 26th, Chai Wallah(C) Layfullstop
Sat 27th, Woodlands(C) Lazy Day
Sat 27th, Woodlands Stage(C) Lazy Day
Fri 26th, Glow Tent(C) Leftfield (DJ Set)
Fri 26th, Tim Peaks(C) Lines
day TBC, Carvetti(C) Loa Ra
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Lost Voice Guy
Fri 26th, Woodlands(C) Lottery Winners
Fri 26th, Woodlands Stage(C) Lottery Winners
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Lou Conran
Fri 26th, Calling Out(C) Low Island
Sun 28th, Woodlands(C) LUCIA
Sun 28th, Woodlands Stage(C) LUCIA
Sat 27th, Chai Wallah(C) Lydian Collective
Sun 28th, Calling Out(C) Mahalia
day TBC, Carvetti(C) Mali Hayes
Sun 28th, Yam Riot(C) Mama Moonshine
Sat 27th, Main Stage(C) Manic Street Preachers
Sat 27th, Yam Riot(C) Marblmoon
Sat 27th, Glow Tent(C) Maribou State (DJ Set)
Sat 27th, Tim Peaks(C) Mark Radcliffe's UNE
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Mark Watson
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Matt Reed
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Matt Stellingwerf
Fri 26th, Chai Wallah(C) MC Xander
Sat 27th, Glow Tent(C) Mele
day TBC, Carvetti(C) Mento B
Fri 26th, Woodlands(C) Mercys Cartel
Fri 26th, Woodlands Stage(C) Mercys Cartel
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Mike Newall
Sun 28th, Houseparty(C) Mike Sweeney
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Mike Wilkinson
Fri 26th, Main Stage(C) Miles Kane
Sun 28th, Glow Tent(C) Monki
Sat 27th, Chai Wallah(C) Munto Valdo
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Musical Bingo
Sun 28th, Yam Riot(C) Mylittlebrother
Fri 26th, Calling Out(C) Mystery Jets
Fri 26th, Chai Wallah(C) Necktr
Fri 26th, Houseparty(C) Nick Bright (DJ Set)
Sun 28th, Main Stage(C) Nina Nesbitt
Sat 27th, Woodlands(C) No Hot Ashes
Sat 27th, Woodlands Stage(C) No Hot Ashes
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Noel James
Fri 26th, Yam Riot(C) Odwana
Sun 28th, Yam Riot(C) Ogres Of Go-go
Fri 26th, Calling Out(C) Only The Poets
Thu 25th, Main Stage(C) Orbital
Fri 26th, Tim Peaks(C) Our Girl
Fri 26th, Tim Peaks(C) Pablo's Paintings
Sat 27th, Main Stage(C) Paddy Rogan
Sun 28th, Yam Riot(C) Paddy Rogan
day TBC, Carvetti(C) Papa Sam Alafia
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Paul McCaffrey
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Paul Pirie
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Paul Smith
Sat 27th, Glow Tent(C) Paul Woolford
Sun 28th, Calling Out(C) Peaness
Sun 28th, Tim Peaks(C) Penelope Isles
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Phil Ellis
Sun 28th, Tim Peaks(C) Piroshka
Thu 25th, Chai Wallah(C) Plimp Souls
Sun 28th, Chai Wallah(C) Psychadelephant
Sun 28th, Houseparty(C) Queen Zee
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Rachel Fairburn
Sun 28th, Calling Out(C) Rascalton
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Ray Bradshaw
Sat 27th, Yam Riot(C) Record Street
Sat 27th, Calling Out(C) Red Rum Club
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Reginald D Hunter
Sat 27th, Yam Riot(C) Reptilians
Fri 26th, Main Stage(C) Reverend And The Makers
Sun 28th, Main Stage(C) Rival Sons
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Rob Mullholland
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Rosco Mcclelland
Fri 26th, Tim Peaks(C) Roxy Girls
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Russell Hicks
Fri 26th, Calling Out(C) Ryan McMullan
day TBC, Carvetti(C) S4U
Sun 28th, Houseparty(C) Salford Jets
Sat 27th, Yam Riot(C) Sallows
Sun 28th, Yam Riot(C) Sam Seth
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Sarah Bennetto
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Sarah Callaghan
Fri 26th, Woodlands(C) Saytr Play
Fri 26th, Woodlands Stage(C) Saytr Play
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Scott Bennett
Sat 27th, Houseparty(C) Scuttlers
Thu 25th, Main Stage(C) Sea Girls
Sun 28th, Houseparty(C) Secuded Sea
Fri 26th, Tim Peaks(C) Shards
Fri 26th, Yam Riot(C) Shot Balowski
Sun 28th, Chai Wallah(C) Simon Lynge
Sun 28th, Tim Peaks(C) Simon Raymonde (DJ)
day TBC, Carvetti(C) Skeltr
Sat 27th, Yam Riot(C) Slow Mojo
Sat 27th, Calling Out(C) Slowthai
Fri 26th, Yam Riot(C) Smoggy Riddim
Sun 28th, Chai Wallah(C) Snazzback
Sun 28th, Calling Out(C) Sophie and the Giants
Sun 28th, Calling Out(C) Sports Team
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Steve Harris
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Steve Shanyaski
Fri 26th, Chai Wallah(C) Stompy's Playground
Fri 26th, Yam Riot(C) Supergiant
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Susan Murray
Fri 26th, Woodlands(C) Tamzene
Fri 26th, Woodlands Stage(C) Tamzene
Sun 28th, Houseparty(C) Tarantino Disco
Sun 28th, Calling Out(C) Ten Tonnes
Fri 26th, Chai Wallah(C) Tetes de Pois
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Tez Ilyas
Sun 28th, Houseparty(C) The 99 Degree
Fri 26th, Chai Wallah(C) The Allergies
Fri 26th, Main Stage(C) The Big Moon
Sat 27th, Yam Riot(C) The Case Of Us
Thu 25th, Main Stage(C) The Cuban Brothers
Sun 28th, Main Stage(C) The Fratellis
Thu 25th, Chai Wallah(C) The Fullee Love Collective
Sat 27th, Chai Wallah(C) The Hempolics
Fri 26th, Calling Out(C) The Joy Formidable
Fri 26th, Houseparty(C) The K's
Fri 26th, Houseparty(C) The Lake Poets
Sat 27th, Tim Peaks(C) The Lake Poets
Sun 28th, Main Stage(C) The Lancashire Hotpots
Fri 26th, Woodlands(C) The Membranes
Sat 27th, Tim Peaks(C) The North By South
Fri 26th, Yam Riot(C) The Northern Threads
Sat 27th, Houseparty(C) The Pagans S.O.H
Fri 26th, Calling Out(C) The Pearl Harts
Fri 26th, Main Stage(C) The Pigeon Detectives
Fri 26th, Yam Riot(C) The Postcard Band
Sat 27th, Main Stage(C) The Rifles
Fri 26th, Woodlands(C) The Samba Stones
Fri 26th, Woodlands Stage(C) The Samba Stones
Sat 27th, Tim Peaks(C) The Silver Field
Sat 27th, Houseparty(C) The Smiths Ltd
Sun 28th, Main Stage(C) The Snuts
Sun 28th, Yam Riot(C) The Stringbeans
Sat 27th, Main Stage(C) The Subways
Sat 27th, Yam Riot(C) The Thingumajigs
Sun 28th, Tim Peaks(C) The Two Shot Podcast
Sat 27th, Houseparty(C) The Ungoogleable Quiz
Sun 28th, Houseparty(C) The Ungoogleable Quiz
Sun 28th, Yam Riot(C) The Unsung
Sun 28th, Houseparty(C) Thomas Turgoose (DJ set)
Sat 27th, Calling Out(C) Tim Burgess
Sat 27th, Tim Peaks(C) Tim Burgess (DJ set)
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Tom Houghton
Sun 28th, Main Stage(C) Tom Jones
day TBC, Soapbox(C) Tom Taylor
Sat 27th, Woodlands(C) Tranqua Lite
Sat 27th, Woodlands Stage(C) Tranqua Lite
Sat 27th, Houseparty(C) Trashed TV
Sun 28th, Glow Tent(C) Trudy Knight
Sat 27th, Woodlands(C) Twisted Wheel
Sat 27th, Woodlands Stage(C) Twisted Wheel
Sun 28th, Chai Wallah(C) Urban Folk Quartet
Sat 27th, Woodlands(C) Valeras
Sat 27th, Woodlands Stage(C) Valeras
Sun 28th, Tim Peaks(C) Violet
Sun 28th, Houseparty(C) Vulture Authority
Sat 27th, Woodlands(C) Walt Disco
Sat 27th, Woodlands Stage(C) Walt Disco
Sun 28th, Glow Tent(C) Waze & Odyssey
Sun 28th, Houseparty(C) Y.O.U.N.G
Fri 26th, Main Stage(C) Years & Years
Sat 27th, Woodlands(C) Zooni
Sat 27th, Woodlands Stage(C) Zooni
Sat 27th, Calling Out(C) Zuzu

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour
(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour
(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

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