Kelburn Garden Party 2019 Line-up And Rumours

Kelburn Garden Party 2019

Friday 5th to Monday 8th July 2019
Kelburn Castle, Nr. Fairlie, Ayrshire, KA29 0BE, Scotland MAP
currently £139.50
Daily capacity: 1,300
Last updated: Mon 17th Jun 2019

(C) = Officially Confirmed, (SC) = Self Confirmed, (SR) = Strong Rumour, (R) = Rumour

Sun 7th, Viewpoint Stage(C) Aba Shanti-I
Sat 6th, The Landing(C) Acid Arab (DJ Set)
Sun 7th, Viewpoint Stage(C) Acolyte
Fri 5th, The Saloon Bar(C) Aisha
Sat 6th, Viewpoint Stage(C) Aku
Fri 5th, The Landing(C) Anikonik
Sun 7th, The Landing(C) Anu
Sat 6th, Viewpoint Stage(C) Astrosnax
Sat 6th, The Saloon Bar(C) Athens of the North
Fri 5th, Pyramid Stage(C) Atlas Run
Sun 7th, Square Stage(C) Awkward Family Portraits
Sat 6th, Smugglers Tent(C) Backyard Rhythm Orchestra
Sat 6th, Pyramid Stage(C) Bossy Love
Sat 6th, Viewpoint Stage(C) Bradley Zero
Sat 6th, Square Stage(C) Brass Gumbo play The Beatles
Sat 6th, Square Stage(C) Brass, Aye?
Sat 6th, Pyramid Stage(C) Callum Easter
Sat 6th, The Saloon Bar(C) Capri Collective
Sun 7th, Pyramid Stage(C) Captain Hotknives
Sun 7th, The Landing(C) Chaos in the CBD
Fri 5th, The Saloon Bar(C) Chester
Sat 6th, The Landing(C) Chloe
Fri 5th, The Saloon Bar(C) Crater Cove
Sat 6th, The Saloon Bar(C) Dead Horse Gang
Sun 7th, Pyramid Stage(C) Delta Mainline
Sun 7th, Viewpoint Stage(C) Desiato Soundsystem
Fri 5th, The Landing(C) Drowzee b2b Metragnome
Sun 7th, Viewpoint Stage(C) Earth Wire
Fri 5th, The Landing(C) Electrikal Sound
Sun 7th, Viewpoint Stage(C) Escape Roots & Tom Spirals
Sat 6th, The Saloon Bar(C) Eva Crystaltips
Fri 5th, Viewpoint Stage(C) Fantastic Twins
Sat 6th, Square Stage(C) Gentleman's Dub Club
Sat 6th, Square Stage(C) Grass Gumbo Play The Beatles
Sat 6th, Pyramid Stage(C) Heir of the Cursed
Fri 5th, The Landing(C) High Society Soundsystem
Sat 6th, Pyramid Stage(C) Jacuzzi General
Sun 7th, Pyramid Stage(C) Jetsam
Fri 5th, The Landing(C) Keep It Rolling
Fri 5th, The Landing(C) Kelvin 373 & Inja
Sat 6th, Viewpoint Stage(C) Kobi Onyame
Sun 7th, Viewpoint Stage(C) Komodo Kolektif
Sun 7th, Pyramid Stage(C) L-Space
Fri 5th, Viewpoint Stage(C) Laser Legs
Sat 6th, The Landing(C) Leftfield (DJ Set)
Fri 5th, The Landing(C) LTJ Bukem
Sat 6th, The Saloon Bar(C) Luckybabe
Fri 5th, The Saloon Bar(C) Lyla
Sat 6th, Pyramid Stage(C) Makeness
Fri 5th, Pyramid Stage(C) Man of Moon
Sat 6th, Pyramid Stage(C) Maranta
Sat 6th, Square Stage(C) Mellow Chants
Fri 5th, Viewpoint Stage(C) Mr TC (live)
Sun 7th, The Landing(C) Nathan Fake (live)
Sat 6th, The Landing(C) Nightwave
Sat 6th, The Landing(C) Niknak
Sun 7th, Square Stage(C) Nimbus Sextet
Fri 5th, Viewpoint Stage(C) Octo Trax
Sun 7th, The Saloon Bar(C) Paul Robinson
Sat 6th, Pyramid Stage(C) Pleasure Pool
Sat 6th, Pyramid Stage(C) Pocket Knife
Sat 6th, Viewpoint Stage(C) Rebecca Vasmant
Sun 7th, The Landing(C) River Bennett
Sun 7th, The Landing(C) S/A/M/
Sun 7th, Viewpoint Stage(C) Samedia Shebeen
Sun 7th, Viewpoint Stage(C) Sea Bass Kid
Sat 6th, Viewpoint Stage(C) Shaka Loves You
Sat 6th, Viewpoint Stage(C) Shingai (ex-Noisettes)
Sun 7th, Square Stage(C) Shooglenifty
Sat 6th, Viewpoint Stage(C) String Theory
Sat 6th, Square Stage(C) Supa & Da Kryptonites
Sat 6th, Viewpoint Stage(C) Swindle (DJ set)
Sat 6th, Smugglers Tent(C) Tantz
Sun 7th, Square Stage(C) Tantz
Fri 5th, Smugglers Tent(C) The Banana Sessions
Sat 6th, Square Stage(C) The Banjo Lounge 4
Sun 7th, Pyramid Stage(C) The Carloways
Sun 7th, Pyramid Stage(C) The Girobabies
Sun 7th, Pyramid Stage(C) The Hoojamamas
Fri 5th, Square Stage(C) Tom McGuire & The Brassholes
Sun 7th, Viewpoint Stage(C) Vixen Sound
Fri 5th, The Saloon Bar(C) We Should Hang Out More
Sat 6th, Square Stage(C) Yacht Rock Crew
Sun 7th, Square Stage(C) Yoko Pwno

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