Isle of Wight Festival 2010 line-up and rumours

Friday 11th to Sunday 13th June 2010
Seaclose Park, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 2DN, England MAP
£130 adult weekend no camping, £65 for a child ticket (7-12 years)
daily capacity: 60000
last updated: Tue 15th Jun 2010

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Sat 12th, Bowtime Bar(C) Alvarez Kings
Thu 10th, Acoustic Tent(C) Arcade Eden
Thu 10th, Big Top(C) Are You Experienced
Sat 12th, Acoustic Tent(C) Arno Carstens
Sun 13th, Acoustic Tent(C) Avenue
Fri 11th, Acoustic Tent(C) Beanius
Sat 12th, Acoustic Tent(C) Ben Montague
Sat 12th, Main Stage(C) Biffy Clyro
Sat 12th, Main Stage(C) Blondie
Sat 12th, Big Top(C) Bombay Bicycle Club
Thu 10th, Acoustic Tent(C) Bright As Vegas
Sat 12th, Acoustic Tent(C) Bruce & Jamie Watson
Fri 11th, Main Stage(C) Calvin Harris
Sun 13th, Hipshaker(TBC) Charley Macaulay
Sun 13th, Acoustic Tent(C) Charlie's Angels
Thu 10th, Acoustic Tent(C) Clayton Connor
Sat 12th, Acoustic Tent(C) Collateral Damage
Sun 13th, Bowtime Bar(C) Cosmo Jarvis
Sun 13th, Main Stage(C) Courteeners
Sat 12th, Main Stage(C) Crowded House
Fri 11th, Bowtime Bar(C) Crystal Fighters
Fri 11th, Acoustic Tent(C) D'Angelo Five
Fri 11th, Big Top(C) Daisy Dares You
Sat 12th, Bowtime Bar(C) Dang! DJs
Sun 13th, Bowtime Bar(C) DeLooze
Sun 13th, Acoustic Tent(C) Delta Maid
Sat 12th, Main Stage(C) Detroit Social Club
Sat 12th, Big Top(C) Devendra Banhart
Sat 12th, Bowtime Bar(C) Disco&Mercy
Sat 12th, Bowtime Bar(C) Disco&Mercy
Thu 10th, Acoustic Tent(C) Disturbia
Fri 11th, Main Stage(C) Doves
Sun 13th, Main Stage(C) Editors
Sun 13th, Acoustic Tent(C) Emma & The Bogies
Sun 13th, Bowtime Bar(C) Evil Nine
Sun 13th, Bowtime Bar(C) Ewan Hoozami
Sat 12th, Bowtime Bar(C) Eytan & The Embassy
Sat 12th, Acoustic Tent(C) Films of Colour
Sat 12th, Acoustic Tent(C) Floors And Walls
Fri 11th, Main Stage(C) Florence + The Machine
Fri 11th, Acoustic Tent(C) Forte
Sun 13th, Main Stage(C) Friendly Fires
Sun 13th, Acoustic Tent(C) Fusion
Sat 12th, Bowtime Bar(C) Gideon Conn
Thu 10th, Acoustic Tent(C) Goodbye Stereo
Sun 13th, Acoustic Tent(C) Heart Shaped Things
Fri 11th, Main Stage(C) Hockey
Sun 13th, Acoustic Tent(C) Holly Kirby
Sun 13th, Acoustic Tent(C) Holy Innocents
Thu 10th, Acoustic Tent(C) Hugo Frusslinky
Fri 11th, Big Top(C) I Blame Coco
Fri 11th, Bowtime Bar(C) Is Tropical
Sun 13th, Bowtime Bar(C) Jaguar Skills
Sun 13th, Acoustic Tent(C) Jake Stimpson
Sun 13th, Big Top(C) James
day TBC, unknown stage(TBC) James Lascelles
Sat 12th, Acoustic Tent(C) James Walsh
Sun 13th, Acoustic Tent(C) James Walsh
Fri 11th, Main Stage(C) Jay-Z
Sat 12th, Bowtime Bar(C) Joe And Will Ask
Sun 13th, Acoustic Tent(C) John McIvor
Sun 13th, Acoustic Tent(C) Jon Roberts
Sun 13th, Acoustic Tent(C) Josh Coombes
Fri 11th, Big Top(C) Juliette Lewis
Fri 11th, Acoustic Tent(C) King Of Thiefs
Sun 13th, Acoustic Tent(C) Kirsten Morrell
Sat 12th, Big Top(C) La Roux
Sat 12th, Acoustic Tent(C) Little Boots
Sat 12th, Acoustic Tent(C) Little Shy Girl
Sun 13th, Acoustic Tent(C) Lizzy Pattinson
Sun 13th, Big Top(C) Local Natives
day TBC, unknown stage(TBC) Lou Brown
Fri 11th, Bowtime Bar(C) Louis La Roche
Sat 12th, Acoustic Tent(C) Malpas
Fri 11th, Big Top(C) Marina and the Diamonds
Sun 13th, Acoustic Tent(C) Matthew P
Sat 12th, Acoustic Tent(C) Meet The Public
Sat 12th, Acoustic Tent(C) Melanie
Sat 12th, Main Stage(C) Melanie Safka
Fri 11th, Acoustic Tent(C) Midge Ure
Fri 11th, Big Top(C) Mini Viva
Sun 13th, Bowtime Bar(C) Monochrome DJs
Fri 11th, Main Stage(C) Mr Hudson
Fri 11th, Bowtime Bar(C) My Tiger My Timing
Sat 12th, Big Top(C) N-Dubz
Sat 12th, Acoustic Tent(C) No Room For Giants
Sat 12th, Big Top(C) Noah and the Whale
Sun 13th, Big Top(C) O.A.R.
Sun 13th, Big Top(C) Ocean Colour Scene
Sat 12th, Big Top(C) Orbital
Sat 12th, Main Stage(C) Paloma Faith
Thu 10th, Acoustic Tent(C) Paper Romance
Sun 13th, Acoustic Tent(C) Passenger
Sun 13th, Main Stage(C) Paul McCartney
Sun 13th, Main Stage(C) Pink
Sun 13th, Bowtime Bar(C) Radioproof
Sun 13th, Acoustic Tent(C) React
Sun 13th, Big Top(C) Reef
Fri 11th, Bowtime Bar(C) Rich Clancy
Sat 12th, Bowtime Bar(C) Rich Clancy
Sun 13th, Bowtime Bar(C) Robin B
day TBC, unknown stage(TBC) Rory Ellis
Sun 13th, Big Top(C) Saint Jude
Thu 10th, Big Top(C) Semi Precious Weapons
Sat 12th, Acoustic Tent(C) September Skies
Fri 11th, Big Top(C) Shakespears Sister
Sun 13th, Bowtime Bar(C) Silver Columns
Fri 11th, Acoustic Tent(C) Siskin
Sat 12th, Bowtime Bar(C) Skinny Lister
Sat 12th, Bowtime Bar(C) SnatchPopDisco
Sun 13th, Bowtime Bar(C) SnatchPopDisco
Sat 12th, Bowtime Bar(C) Sonny Wharton
Sat 12th, Acoustic Tent(C) Space Age Heroes
Sun 13th, Main Stage(C) Spandau Ballet
Thu 10th, Big Top(C) Squeeze
Fri 11th, Acoustic Tent(C) Stereo Son
Sat 12th, Acoustic Tent(C) Sundown City
Sun 13th, Main Stage(C) Suzanne Vega
Sun 13th, Acoustic Tent(C) Suzanne Vega
Fri 11th, Big Top(C) Suzi Quatro
Sun 13th, Bowtime Bar(C) Telephoned
Sun 13th, Big Top(C) The Alarm
day TBC, unknown stage(TBC) The Apple Beatles
Sat 12th, Big Top(C) The Arcadian Kicks
Sat 12th, Acoustic Tent(C) The Arcadian Kicks
Sun 13th, Bowtime Bar(C) The Beat Monkeys
Sun 13th, Big Top(C) The Big Pink
Fri 11th, Acoustic Tent(C) The Bonfires
Sat 12th, Big Top(C) The Brilliant Things
day TBC, unknown stage(TBC) The Chancers
Sun 13th, Main Stage(C) The Coronas
Fri 11th, Acoustic Tent(C) The EndEffect
day TBC, unknown stage(SR) The Fancy Toys
Fri 11th, Bowtime Bar(C) The Freestylers
Sun 13th, Bowtime Bar(C) The Good Natured
Sat 12th, Main Stage(C) The Hold Steady
Thu 10th, Big Top(C) The Members
Fri 11th, Acoustic Tent(C) The Members
Fri 11th, Bowtime Bar(C) The Nextmen
Thu 10th, Acoustic Tent(C) The Operators
Fri 11th, Acoustic Tent(C) The Perils
Sat 12th, Acoustic Tent(C) The Phoenix Rose
Sat 12th, Big Top(C) The Saturdays
Thu 10th, Acoustic Tent(C) The Shutes
day TBC, unknown stage(TBC) The Smyths
Sat 12th, Main Stage(C) The Strokes
Sat 12th, Bowtime Bar(C) The Subs
Sat 12th, Acoustic Tent(C) Things We Lost In The Fire
Sat 12th, Bowtime Bar(C) Thomas Gandey (CagedBaby)
Sat 12th, Main Stage(C) Vampire Weekend
Fri 11th, Big Top(C) Woman
Fri 11th, Acoustic Tent(C) Yellowgroove
Sat 12th, Acoustic Tent(C) Your Army

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

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