Indie Tracks Festival 2018 line-up and rumours

Friday 27th to Sunday 29th July 2018
Butterley Station, Butterley Hill, Ripley, Derbyshire, DE5 3QZ, England MAP
currently £79
last updated: Thu 5th Jul 2018

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Sun 29th, Church Stage(C) All Ashore!
Sat 28th, Indoor Stage(C) Amber Arcades
Sun 29th, Indoor Stage(C) Anna Burch
Sat 28th, Indoor Stage (late night)(C) Asking For A Friend DJs
Sun 29th, Outdoor Stage(C) Boyracer
Sat 28th, Outdoor Stage(C) British Sea Power
Fri 27th, Marquee (late night)(C) Bum Notes karaoke with Ruby Waters
Sun 29th, Church Stage(C) Cat Apostrophe
Sat 28th, Outdoor Stage(C) Colour Me Wednesday
Sat 28th, Outdoor Stage(C) Darren Hayman
Fri 27th, Indoor Stage (late night)(C) Des Was A Bowie Fan DJs
Sun 29th, Indoor Stage(C) Dream Nails
Sat 28th, Outdoor Stage(C) Dream Wife
Sat 28th, Outdoor Stage(C) Eureka California
Sun 29th, Indoor Stage(C) Even As We Speak
Sat 28th, Indoor Stage(C) Ex-Void
Sat 28th, Church Stage(C) French Boutik
Sat 28th, Outdoor Stage(C) Ghum
Sun 29th, Outdoor Stage(C) Girl Ray
Sun 29th, Outdoor Stage(C) Gwenno
Sun 29th, Outdoor Stage(C) Haiku Salut
Sat 28th, Indoor Stage(C) Happy Accidents
Sun 29th, Church Stage(C) Happy Spendy
Sun 29th, Outdoor Stage(C) Honeyblood
Sun 29th, Indoor Stage(C) Just Blankets
Sun 29th, Indoor Stage(C) Let's Whisper
Sun 29th, Outdoor Stage(C) Life Model
Sat 28th, Indoor Stage(C) Linda Guilala
Sat 28th, Church Stage(C) Marble Season
Sun 29th, Church Stage(C) Marlaena Moore
Sat 28th, Church Stage(C) Melenas
Sat 28th, Church Stage(C) Mighty Kids
Sun 29th, Church Stage(C) Mikey Collins
Sat 28th, Church Stage(C) Navina
Sat 28th, Indoor Stage(C) Night Flowers
Sun 29th, Indoor Stage(C) ONSIND
Sat 28th, Train Stage(C) Panic Pocket
Sat 28th, Marquee (late night)(C) Passionate Necking DJs
Sat 28th, Church Stage(C) Radisson Blue
Sat 28th, Train Stage(C) Rafa Skam
Sun 29th, Train Stage(C) Rebecka Reinhard
Sun 29th, Marquee (late night)(C) Recordsville Social DJs
Fri 27th, Outdoor Stage(C) Sacred Paws
Sun 29th, Church Stage(C) Sink Ya Teeth
Sat 28th, Indoor Stage(C) Spinning Coin
Sat 28th, Indoor Stage(C) Strange New Places
Sat 28th, Church Stage(C) Sugar Rush!
Sun 29th, Church Stage(C) Tekla
Sun 29th, Church Stage(C) The Baby Seals
Fri 27th, Outdoor Stage(C) The Lovely Eggs
Sat 28th, Outdoor Stage(C) The Smittens
Sun 29th, Train Stage(C) The Sunset Beach Hut
Sun 29th, Indoor Stage(C) Tigercats
Sun 29th, Train Stage(C) Tim the Mute
Sun 29th, Indoor Stage (late night)(C) Time Machine Disco DJs
Sat 28th, Church Stage(C) Tugboat Captain
Sat 28th, Train Stage(C) Whitelands
Sun 29th, Outdoor Stage(C) Wolf Girl
Fri 27th, Outdoor Stage(C) Worst Place

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

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